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Translation of "waxed" in spanish

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I haven't had it for three days waxed.
The guy only got in the woods waxed.
Someone hit you on your leg waxed, this is not love, Chanel.
I've got your tits right waxed.
These are the guys in my trailer waxed to have.
Son los dos chicos que estaban hurgando en mi casilla.
Too much waxed, or what?
I sure have to girls waxedwho had much smaller breasts than Daisy's here.
Me la hey pulido con chicas con pechos mucho menores que los de daisy.
I had the last time a week ago waxed.
Yo no he una paja en más de una semana.
No, I'm hot waxed.
Everyone in Paul's class knew he was wearing an oven glove waxed Has.
Todos sabían que Paul se hacía la paja con un guante de cocina.
Waterhouse slit the victims' thighs before or after he was on them waxed Has.
Tom Waterhouse apuñalaba a sus víctimas en los muslos al masturbarse.
Those assholes have killed assholes more times than you guys waxed have.
Esos hijos de puta han matado ... a más hijos de puta de lo que ... ustedes se han masturbado.
Have a shower waxed?
The? It never has waxed
I break into houses and can only go again when I go into the drawers waxed have.
She said the same thing about you, in your dreams, when you met her waxed has.
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