How does Elon Musk deal with stress

Tesla founder Elon Musk: No breaks, no vacation, no food - just work


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It was a Saturday in Silicon Valley when journalist Ashlee Vance drove into the Tesla Motors plant. He has an appointment there with CEO Elon Musk. Hundreds of employees' cars are parked in the parking lot, the young engineers of the electric car manufacturer spend their weekends in the offices and laboratories, designing car parts on the computer or experimenting with vehicle electronics.

Vance is impressed to see so many people in the office on a Saturday. He tells Musk that right away. But the boss is not enthusiastic, but angry. Fewer and fewer employees came to work on the weekend, he was just about to point this out in an email to the workforce. "We've grown fucking soft"he says (" We the hell have become careless again ").

There are bosses who demand a lot from their employees: weekend work, overtime, stress. And then there is Elon Musk. It is anecdotes like this that Ashlee Vance wrote in the recently published biography (How Elon Musk changed the world) who show Musk as the epitome of the demanding superior. The multi-billionaire, entrepreneur and visionary, who leads two groundbreaking companies with the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors and the space company SpaceX, not only plays in a league of its own financially. The expectations that he places on his workforce are also soaring at astronomical heights.

Those who do not meet the requirements will find no mercy

Those who do not meet their demands cannot count on mercy. He is quick-tempered when his people make mistakes. He then spits coffee over the conference table or threatens employees to "cut their eggs" off. He demands nothing less than total dedication to his company - and thus to his visions. Even from yourself.

He works 100 hours a week, it is said that the term "workaholic" would be an understatement. If he has a goal in mind, he becomes a "terminator", as his first wife Justine calls it. He won't let anything stop him. This determination leads some to conclude that Musk is an unbearable boss. Vance's biography shows that it was she who turned Musk from an unfortunate boy in South Africa to the star of Silicon Valley.

Elon Musk, born in 71, grew up in Pretoria in apartheid South Africa. If you hear him talking about it today, his childhood and youth were not a good time. "At school I was chased by gangs who wanted to beat the shit out of me and then when I got home it was just as horrible there. It was like non-stop terror," he told his biographer.