How can I increase my sexual strength

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Quite a number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (also called impotence), which is also known as erectile dysfunction. So if you are struggling with such problems, you can use very effective medicines as well as very classic foods to re-stimulate your sexual strength. There are natural sexual enhancers, so-called aphrodisiacs, and we will introduce them to you here.

How foods can have a positive effect on potency

Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by poor blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis. An erection can only be achieved if the blood flow is undisturbed. For this reason, foods that help dilate blood vessels can also help with erectile dysfunction. Another factor that is important for potency is the male hormone testosterone. If this hormone is not released in sufficient quantity, it also leads to erectile dysfunction. It is therefore advisable to consume foods that contain zinc or magnesium, for example. These stimulate the production and release of testosterone.

Arginine improves blood flow: Granted, certain foods are not for everyone. However, they contain the protein arginine and this ensures smooth blood vessels, whereby the blood flow of the mostly very small vessels in the genital area can be positively influenced. Arginine is mainly found in the following foods:

  • lenses
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • peanuts
  • Pine nuts
  • tuna
  • salmon

There are also many omega-3 fatty acids, especially in fish, which also improve blood circulation. Since arginine breaks down very quickly, it makes sense to also consume foods that contain citrulline. This substance ensures that the arginine remains in the organism for much longer and can be effective longer. Foods with citrulline include watermelons (more precisely the kernels and the white melon rim), zucchini or cucumber.

More testosterone: 5 natural sexual enhancers with magnesium and zinc

The male hormone is partly responsible for the sex drive. Where its production is inhibited, sooner or later potency problems will arise. So if you suffer from a significantly reduced sexual urge, you can try to stimulate the production of the hormone again with certain foods containing zinc or magnesium. The 5 best natural sexual enhancers with the largest amounts of zinc and magnesium are:

  • Asparagus (rich in zinc, has long been considered an aphrodisiac)
  • Oysters (known as an aphrodisiac for centuries)
  • Rice (very high magnesium content in the shell)
  • Beef fillet (also contains a lot of arginine)
  • Nuts (also rich in arginine)

In addition to these foods, liver, chicken and Gouda cheese are among the best sources of zinc. You can get magnesium from bananas, spinach or pineapple, for example. Ideally, you will draw up a menu that includes the foods mentioned here. In this way, you give your organism all the substances it needs to keep the blood vessels supple, to widen them and thus to guarantee an optimal blood flow. In addition, your body gets enough zinc and magnesium to ensure the production of testosterone and to get your sex drive back on the right track. So that erectile dysfunction can be successfully combated, the hormone testosterone must not only be produced by the body, but also have a long-term effect. Some of the foods that contribute important minerals and vitamins to this process include:

  • ginger
  • ginseng
  • Avocados
  • Maca
  • pomegranate
  • honey

Ginseng has been used as a medicinal plant in Asia and especially China for centuries. The ginger, which comes from the tropics, is grown today in Nigeria, India and China. Maca comes from South America and was already known to the Incas as a medicinal plant. All three are considered natural sexual enhancers. Pomegranates and honey are also considered aphrodisiacs.