Is riding animal abuse

The film crew of "Alpha" has skinned bison

Anyone who loves horses does not want to harm them. Can that be reconciled with riding?

Most people who go horse riding do so because they love horses. They enjoy moving around together, make sure that the animals do not injure themselves as much as possible and take good care of them by feeding them and keeping them and their stalls clean. Nevertheless, the question often arises at some point: can riding be reconciled with love for animals?

In a perfect world horses would live in freedom and no one would ask anything of them. Horses are herd animals that live together in large groups in the wild, graze in meadows, cover long distances and court each other. They have their own needs and interests, and none of them is carrying a human around on their back. This decision is made by people alone.

Those who take riding lessons or buy a horse are unfortunately always helping to make money with animals that have no say. Even if a horse might be happy about a snack or a grooming unit: It didn't choose this life. So if we want to stop seeing animals as inferior and subordinate living beings, we should question that.

What is not clear anyway: professional racing.

Your friends should know that too, right?

That's why PETA calls for a boycott of the Ice Age film.

"I can do what I want with my bison," says John Scott, who was responsible for the animals in the new film "Alpha". For him this obviously means that he can kill and skin them as well. That is why the film, which takes place in the last ice age and is supposed to tell how animals and humans approach each other, has now come under fire.

Although the shooting was monitored by the American Humane Association, the film crew had several bison slaughtered and partially skinned for a hunting scene. Five bison were killed in this way. In addition, the film used animals sourced from the infamous Birds & Animals Unlimited company known in Hollywood for torturing animals. Therefore PETA demands: Boycott "Alpha". Do not watch the film in the cinema and explain to those around you why nobody should buy a ticket for "Alpha".

Do you want to do more for animals? Join the street team!

Your friends should know that too, right?