Has anyone completely cured psoriasis?

That helped me: psoriasis

And I went to the doctor again and again: for many years I had flaky skin almost the size of the palm of my hand on both elbows. I've tried a lot, mostly prescription ointments. But my complaints didn't really get any better. Only after holidays in the Mediterranean did the affected areas visibly decrease in size - the combination of salt water, sand and sun was probably good for them. But when I returned to everyday life, took up my duties and responsibilities, the skin became horny again very quickly.

Today I know that it is precisely this everyday stress that makes my psoriasis worse. The ointments from the dermatologist only helped as long as I was using them. I always had to be careful not to move them to other parts of the body or to my clothes, as most of them contained cortisone. Animated by the improvement in the Mediterranean, I took salt baths, but without success despite regular use. The horny areas really exploded in times of stress at work or at home.

After all: I had the urge to scratch well under control. After all, it wasn't good for my psoriasis if the skin areas started to bleed as well. Three years ago, out of desperation, I dared to try a new treatment - this time on a naturopathic basis with a naturopath. She recommended that I follow a vegan diet for a longer period of time. I should avoid alcohol and dairy products of any kind. So no more cream, no cheese, no more drinking a glass of wine that I indulged in from time to time. It has to be said that I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and therefore at least didn't have to struggle with not eating meat. Still, the beginning was difficult for me. My morning coffee just tastes better with cow milk than with almond, oat or soy milk. And breakfast without a slice of cheese was not that easy.

But after about two months the first successes became apparent: the cornification receded, the skin slowly but surely softened, and the itching also subsided as a result. To be honest, I was quite surprised, I didn't really expect it to work. And it got even better: the psoriasis continued to decline with each passing month. In addition, I cream the areas daily with a high-fat, cortisone-free cream, as I do from the start.

After six months, I started eating normally again. To my amazement, the skin on my elbows did not deteriorate. Psoriasis has not completely disappeared to this day - as far as I know, it is not completely curable anyway - but the way the areas, especially on the elbows, look now, I can live with it. Unfortunately, a new spot was added recently above the right heel. She is currently still small. However, if the area becomes larger or the cornifications become stronger again, I will definitely try a vegan diet again.

Protocol: Celine Tirpan

Psoriasis facts

The symptoms

Severely inflamed, flaky skin with itching. The exact cause of psoriasis vulgaris (common psoriasis) is unclear. Genetic predisposition apparently often plays a role. Psoriasis is not contagious. It is believed that their occurrence is related to a malfunction of the immune system. Streptococcal or tonsillitis can also be a possible trigger.

The diagnosis

Psoriasis often occurs on the knees, elbows or the (hairy) head and can easily be diagnosed by a doctor. In order to differentiate it from other diseases that can also cause skin inflammation, the doctor may send a skin sample to the laboratory.

The treatment

Basically, the affected skin should be treated regularly with moisturizing, oily creams or ointments. In conventional medicine, depending on the severity, z. B. be treated with anti-inflammatory ointments, drugs that suppress the immune system, injections or light therapy (phototherapy and laser therapy). Brine baths or spa stays, for example at the Dead Sea, can help.