Why are people mad at Kevin Durant

NBA News - Brooklyn Nets upset about corona chaos around Kevin Durant: Steve Nash gives update

In the 117: 123 defeat of the Brooklyn Nets against the Toronto Raptors, a curious situation arose around Kevin Durant. The 32-year-old was initially not allowed to start due to persistent contact tracing, but then stood on the floor and had to go down and in isolation in the second half. Steve Nash has now announced when the superstar will be available again.

Durant will miss all of the next three Nets games and will be available again next Friday, Nash said. After losing to Philadelphia, he would also miss the games against Indiana and Detroit during the week, but would be back next weekend against Golden State.

After the 108:12 loss to the Sixers, Nash showed understanding for the complicated situation and the way in which the NBA implemented their hygiene regulations. "Is it perfect? ​​No, but nothing is perfect this year," said Nash. "We have to do our best to navigate this pandemic." It's tough. But that's what we all signed up for when we decided to play this season. We have to get through as safely as possible. "


The day before, the Nets team was still very frustrated with the situation. "It's confusing, frustrating. It's bizarre," summed up Nets guard Joe Harris after the game against Toronto. "First he can't start, then he can come in, play and then have to leave again. That just doesn't make sense."

James Harden pissed off about the Durant mayhem

James Harden, who also used the word "frustrating" to describe the situation, hit a similar line. Above all, the fact that the game was not canceled pissed the 31-year-old: "You said it was about contact tracing. I thought to myself, when it comes to contact tracing ... we are all in together the cabin. That means there is no game if he is not allowed to play. "

"The game should have been postponed," said Harden. "He was always around us. I don't understand why he wasn't allowed to play at first, then he was and then not." Durant was initially not allowed to start because one of his contacts was initially unable to present a clear corona test.

"Durant was kept out of the game as long as the test result was investigated," said the league in a statement. During the first quarter, KD was finally released to play by the NBA, but after a few minutes in the third quarter, league officials informed the Nets that the forward had to leave the game and be in isolation. The test result from Durant's contact person came back positive after all.

Kevin Durant after corona chaos: "Free me"

Obviously frustrated Durant shook his head on the way back to the catacombs and tossed a water bottle on the floor. He later spoke up on Twitter. "Free me," he wrote, a little later he criticized the league's approach in another tweet: "Hey, NBA. Your fans are not stupid. You can't mess with your PR tactics."


Durant won't have to pay a fine for this, like ESPN has found out. However, he can only play again after he has been in quarantine for six days.