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"No baby then let me arrest woman"

Wahid S. (27) was on trial on Tuesday for allegedly beating his wife. He denies this and claims that she made it up in order to get a divorce from him.
It may come as a surprise that a lack of success in having children can be a reason for arrest. Don't worry: there is no corresponding paragraph in the penal code - and yet an Afghan vehemently claimed on Tuesday that it was precisely for this reason that he wandered behind bars in May.

"I couldn't give my wife a baby because she invented these terrible beatings," said Wahid S. (27) in discussions with his defense attorney Philipp Winkler. "In our culture, a woman cannot simply divorce her husband. So my wife needed a reason ..."

On Tuesday in court in Vienna, he pleaded not guilty. "I also believe that it is actually the desire to separate," said lawyer Winkler. His client could face up to 15 years imprisonment for continued violence. According to the indictment, he is said to have beaten his wife regularly for months and threatened her with killing. "Her injuries must have happened to her when she moved," Wahid S. justified the bruises of the wives.

Comment now The appeared at your testimony with the divorce papers. Thanks to a courageous defense, not much remained of the original indictment. Verdict: ten months probation. Wahid S. was immediately released. Apprenticeship and apartment are still gone.

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