Why did the US impose sanctions on Iran

According to a decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the USA must at least temporarily lift some of the newly imposed sanctions against Iran. This applies to measures that threaten humanitarian aid and the security of air traffic, ruled the highest court of the United Nations in The Hague.

The judges upheld a lawsuit brought by Iran to the court in July. Tehran called for the US sanctions against the country to be lifted.

US President Donald Trump terminated the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Tehran and announced at the beginning of May that US sanctions against the country would be reinstated. Before the court, the US argued that the sanctions were legal and justified measures to protect national security that the Iranian leadership could not challenge in The Hague. According to the US government, the UN court is not responsible for this.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry welcomed the court's decision against it: "The decision was a recognition of our legitimate position," it said.

The IGH is the United Nations tribunal for the settlement of international disputes. Its decisions are binding, but the court has no way of enforcing their implementation. The US and Iran have repeatedly ignored court decisions in the past.

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