Why is Ark Survival Evolved so popular

Why "ARK" is again one of the most popular games three years after its release

ARK: Survival Evolved is again a top seller on Steam around three years after its release. The number of players has increased accordingly - the game currently has around 90,000 users and is therefore the sixth most played title on the Valve platform. The sudden increase is due to the DLC "Genesis". Interestingly, the tenor around enlargement is not all that positive. Even so, Studio Wildcard's game is generating new record numbers of players every day.

"Genesis" extension is torn apart

In the reviews of the genesis-Extension, quite a few users complain about the DLC. Despite the delay, the new content should be absolutely immature. The map design and newly integrated mechanisms are also sharply criticized. There are also complaints about the translation of the game, which according to one user is said to be "terribly bad". The positive reviews say that Wildcard at least dares something and has turned the game inside out.

What the game is about

At ARC it's about surviving in a world full of dinosaurs. The game started as early access in 2015 and has since accumulated a loyal fan base. Two years later, the final version of the game was released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. There is also a VR implementation, which is even recommended by the Spieleschmiede when using it. Aside from the hunt for dinosaurs, you can also indulge in skirmishes with other players and work as an architect.

Game currently heavily discounted

One of the reasons for the rush is likely to be the regular discounts offered by the game. The basic game is currently available for around eleven euros - the promotion will continue until tonight. ARC has also built up quite a large modding community. This also provides for another DLC that will officially appear as content for the game in summer 2020. In the context of The Crystal Isles come a new map with fantasy elements, 21 new creatures and four bosses. (red, March 9th, 2020)