Why is Loewe a symbol of bravery

The lion: symbolism and meaning

The lion is an important totem in many cultures. Even if the lion is not found everywhere in the world, it has become a universal totem, as it impresses people everywhere because of its appearance. For example, there are no lions in Europe, but in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and in Celtic culture the lion is an important symbol. In ancient Greece, the lions were identified with the gods Dionysus, Febo, Cibeles and Artemis. According to mythology, it was the lions who pulled the gods' chariots. This was borrowed from the Babylonian tradition where the goddess Inanna had lions that pulled her chariot.

Lions were seen as a kind of protector of the dead in ancient culture, as well as of palaces, gates, altars and thrones. The lions were also protectors of the house and place of residence.

In Egypt the lion represented the fierce heat of the sun and can be seen in the idol of Sekhmet. Sekhmet was an Egyptian goddess known as the Eye of Ra. Sekhmet was the lion goddess who embodied the power that protected the good from the damned.

In Hinduism, the lion is an avatar (incarnation or personification) of Vishnu. In Buddhism, Buddha sits on his throne like a lion.

In alchemy, the lion is a symbol of the highest tradition. Hence it is associated with the highest characteristics of ascension and illumination: gold and sun. In addition, the lion is the ultimate protector of the secrets of alchemy because of his courage and strength. In heraldic art in England, the lion is a well-known emblem of the English sovereigns, who associated the characteristics of the lion with their rule (majesty, nobility and heroism). Strength is the main symbolism of the lion.

The lion is an animal of the night, even if it is traditionally associated with the sun. The night is an ancient symbol for the subconscious, the sun a symbol for authority and control over thoughts. Nevertheless, the lion hunts mainly at night. Curiously, the male lion is associated with the sun and the female lion with the moon. This serves as a symbolic message of balance and good judgment. By sharing the world of night and day, Leo brings a message of reason and encouragement to us. In other words, Leo asks us not to favor certain areas of our life. The Leo totem indicates to us that we must maintain a balanced mind in the activities of our life.

Further symbolic attributes of the lion are: the value, the power, the dignity, the authority, the domination, the justice, the wisdom, the ferocity, the strength and the honor. Those born under the sign of Leo are irrepressibly free, secure, influential, loyal and combative, intuitive, passionate, and generous.

When the lion appears in our dreams, it indicates to us that it is possible that we will feel like prey and will have to defend ourselves. The Leo also comes to tell us that we are fixating on our emotions and taming them.

The medicine of the lion shows us the magic of the interaction in the group, as well as the energy of the group. He also shows us the secrets of calm and patience. The patience is to pay attention to the details. Leo recommends that we watch ourselves carefully to understand our strengths and weaknesses and to expect the right moment to act well in a situation.

In the esoteric studies the lion appears on the tarot where the card of power is played. When one observes the lion in nature, one quickly recognizes a simple power and a natural dignity. The power of the lion is natural to him. There is no such thing as false bravery and the lion is pure bravery. When the Leo comes to us it is a sign that we are stepping into our naturally given right to power. Each of us is born mighty and divine. Leo reminds us of this lesson. Other messages that the totem lion transmits to us is that we should keep our heads up and no matter what epochs of conflict we go through, we must preserve honor and morals. We were born powerful and must use our power to establish dignity and honor. Perhaps the lion appears as a totem to tell us that it is time to show our authority (but not in a dominant way) but to lead others with hearts full of love. Maybe this is the moment to defend something that is very important to us. You have to have faith and courage. Just like all symbols, the symbolic meaning of the lion must also be tailored specifically to each one of us.

The Leo totem gives us power, affirms our strength and internal strength, makes us generous and emphasizes our sense of honor and the best ethical values. The Leo totem teaches us to come to ourselves, the appropriate way in which we can use strength and might. Stay calm and secure in your power. However, if you need to, don't hesitate to stand up for the things that interest you. If the spirit of the dead lion has come to you, it is no doubt to aid you in triumph.

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