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The 10 best Oberlo products for more sales in 2021

Are you looking for the best Oberlo products to make 2021 a successful sales year? Then you've come to the right place: The products in this list all come from the suppliers listed on the Oberlo platform. So you can rely on the Oberlo products listed here to reach your customers quickly and inexpensively.

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The 10 best Oberlo products for more sales in 2021

1. Outdoor security camera

Property crimes are among the most commonly reported crimes. And if you invest a small fortune in your house, it is important for you to protect your home and family. Fortunately, there is a growing trend towards “security cameras” which shows that people want to protect their homes and loved ones. Security cameras like this one can also be found among the currently popular Oberlo products.

The camera can shoot from different angles to ensure it catches criminals in the act. The camera is connected to the user's cell phone so that they can monitor the cameras at any time. In the past six months, this product has received over 2,000 orders.

Security products are often advertised using a search-based strategy. So you could e.g. B. Create blog content on home security. Your content should be extensive, with around 2,000-3,000 words per article. You should publish two to three articles per week over a period of several months. During this time, you should focus on building an email list and doing your email marketing. You could write about home security products or share general security tips. Unfortunately, platforms like Facebook don't allow home safety products to be sold. Focusing on SEO is therefore the best prerequisite for your success with Oberlo products like this one.

2. Non-slip yoga mat

Yoga is a great ecommerce niche with a ton of Oberlo products to sell online. According to Ahrefs, there are 84,000 million monthly searches for "yoga," making it a popular niche for store owners looking for a long-term business idea. I have personally sold yoga blankets that customers have used for their yoga sequences and meditation.

This yoga mat has proven to be a real bestseller in the yoga niche, which once again proves the popularity of the mats in this segment. The term “yoga mat” alone generates 7,100 inquiries per month, which is also very impressive. So if you want to sell yoga products online, you might want to start selling mats.

For marketing, creating articles with yoga quotes could prove successful. When I ran my online shop, I created articles with yoga quotes that focused on a yoga influencer. Then I went to Twitter or Instagram and tagged the relevant influencer. Since I ran a Facebook retargeting ad, this method allowed me to generate our first sales. Then I used the data from that traffic to create a lookalike audience. Of course, you can also create ads aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 34 who are interested in yoga. Believe it or not, this broad targeting helped me build a six-figure online shop. Such a target group can convert very well. At least that's what it did for me.

3. Blackhead remover

If you want to help your customers get clear skin, then this Oberlo product can make amazing sales. In the last 30 days, 1,192 customers have ordered exactly this blackhead remover in various Oberlo shops (there are a few others, so the device is generally a very popular item). This makes it one of the fastest growing Oberlo products currently on sale. At Google Trends, the search volume for "Blackhead Removal" has risen steadily over the years. Acne searches have also increased, so you can also sell other related products like acne cream as an upsell in your store.

Blackhead removers can be viewed as rather embarrassing products. Marketing can therefore be a little tricky. For example, you can place ads for Oberlo products like this one on Facebook or use retargeting ads to win back customers. Note, however, if a customer is embarrassed by the ad, they may never buy from your brand again. So what's the best strategy for this product? You have to be found! Focus on Google - from Google Shopping Ads, an SEO Strategy, or even Google Keyword Ads. You can z. B. Use keywords like "remove blackheads", which receive over 17,000 monthly searches in Germany.

4. Shapewear

In recent years, shapewear has been one of the most popular Oberlo products sold online. Weight loss is one of the most common goals people set. However, the process of losing weight doesn't happen overnight. Fortunately, the right shapewear contributes to a slimmer silhouette. It can be worn under clothing to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes. These high-waisted, seamless panties as shapewear have generated hundreds of orders in the past few months. This ingenious type of underwear slims everything from just below the chest down to the thigh. The sewn-in aluminum supports give the model durability in order to maintain the slimming silhouette.

Selling this product online can be done through a combination of paid ads and organic search. If you want to rely on advertising, you should target women who want to lose weight. You could target fitness brands to get the right audience. The ranking for a product page will be too competitive for a new shop. However, if you focus on creating blog content related to the shapewear niche, you will start generating relevant traffic within a few months. You can then re-target your blog traffic to your shapewear products, reducing advertising costs while generating high quality traffic at the same time.

5. Knee brace

The niche for sports injuries and their treatment is large. Therefore, preventive care is a must for athletes. One of the best things to sell online is this knee brace, which has received thousands of orders in the past 30 days. The keyword “knee brace” is searched around 21,000 times a month, which is an enormous amount for a single product. According to Google Trends, we are seeing increasing search growth for the keyword "knee brace", which has had a constant search volume over the past 12 months.

To promote this product, you should target people who do frequent exercise, such as: B. runners, tennis players, fitness athletes and other sports interests. In some of the examples mentioned, you will find that knee problems do occur, such as: B. the runner's knee. With Google Ads, you can target keywords such as runners' knees, knee braces, knee braces and knee injuries in order to reach the right target group. While athletes will likely use this product for injury prevention, you can also promote it to older populations who are more prone to wear and tear. For Facebook advertising, you could target people based on their age.

6. Compression t-shirts

Compression t-shirts help improve your performance during exercise as they compress your muscles. This is why so many men wear them while exercising. Hundreds of sales have been generated from this very same compression t-shirt in the past 30 days. The model is available in 13 different colors, from black to white to navy blue.

Since the fitness niche is one of the largest niches there is, there are always new Oberlo products that can be sold online in this segment. In addition, you can also advertise other compression clothing, such as compression stockings, which as a search term generates an impressive 38,000 inquiries per month.

If you are diving into the fitness segment, there are several places you can promote your products. For example, YouTube is one of the largest platforms for promoting fitness brands.

For your application, you could use channels that create training videos or fitness advice. Or, you could set up your own YouTube channel to grow your fitness brand. If you're selling compression fitness apparel to women, you could target your target audience on Pinterest, which also has a large fitness audience. Fitness infographics and blog posts tend to do well on Pinterest. If you're running ads, you may want to target bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in general, as these are more of the target audience for compression garments.

7. Hand ink pads for babies

New parents want to create special and lasting memories with their little bundles of joy. So it is not surprising that this hand ink pad for babies is gaining more and more sales. With the naturally completely non-toxic ink pad, imprints of a baby's hands and feet can be made with ease. After “stamping” on a piece of paper, the work can then be transformed into a small work of art. Then, as their children get older, parents can look back on this unique memory again and again. The nostalgic element of the product makes it easier to target young parents, aunts and uncles or grandparents.

The ideal target market for this type of product clearly includes new parents. You can use targeting on Facebook to address the target group “Parents with babies (0-12 months)”. This is exactly the group of people you want to reach with such a product. With this function you can address people on Facebook or Instagram so that your advertising is directly present on two platforms. You can create carousel-style posts that show how the inkpad works and, at the end, present the final image. Alternatively, you can create a video that shows how easy it is to use the product to take a newborn's hand and footprints.

8. Bendable cell phone holder

Admit it, sometimes you're so lazy that you don't even want to hold your phone. Fortunately, the supplier 3C + E World Store has the perfect solution: a flexible cell phone holder. This allows you and your customers to watch videos in a relaxed manner without having to hold the phone in their hands.

You don't have to bend overboard to successfully market this handy product: First of all, you can use ads to introduce the cell phone holder to people who like to watch movies on their cell phones. You can also promote it to people who record videos or take a lot of selfies (try to target influencers or YouTubers). As a third variant, you can also address travelers, as the flexible holder can also be converted into a selfie stick. So you can cover different target groups in order to reach a larger audience with just one product.

9. Ponytail hat

If you're looking for an Oberlo product that will hit the bull's eye, this ponytail hat could be your ticket to happiness. This product will be in high demand again, especially now for the coming autumn and winter season. The simple design of this hat is perfect for the autumn and winter months. The extra space for a braid or ponytail makes the beanie perfect for women who like to wear their hair high. Another plus point: the hat is available in 20 different colors. Every customer will find a model that suits them.

Oberlo products like this ponytail hat can be marketed on visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can address women between the ages of 22 and 34. In addition, the selection of women who practice outdoor or winter sports can make sense.

Alternatively, you can work with influencers and affiliate partners who advertise your products to their target groups for a small commission. If you're not sure which of the 20+ different colors / styles to showcase, you can create carousel ads or ads for different colors. So you can test which images generate the most sales.

10. Oversize cardigan

Thanks to Oberlo products like this oversize cardigan, it has never been easier to cuddle up in a warm outfit. The cardigan is a great addition for shop owners in the women's fashion and accessories niche. But it could also work well for an impulse purchase in a more general shop. The cardigan is also ideal for upselling other fashion items such as B. Leggings or a blouse for underneath.

The target audience for this oversize cardigan is likely to be women between the ages of 22 and 34, with marketing through Facebook or Instagram ads. You can use the images provided by the supplier to create the ads. Also, you could reach out to influencers on Instagram and ask them to wear the cardigan in a post and mention your brand. You could also reach out to fashion bloggers and have them share a related affiliate link on their website.

Oberlo products for 2021: conclusion

These are just a few of the top selling Oberlo products. There are many more just waiting to be discovered. So don't hesitate to look for hidden treasures in the collections of the suppliers on Oberlo. Perhaps you will also find products with only a few orders so far, but which will then be a real hit in your shop. While data like order volume is important, it only tells part of the story. So don't be afraid to experiment with less popular items to find your winning product.

Which of these Oberlo products will you 2021 to sell?

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