Should I delete old blog posts

Old Articles: Should I Delete Outdated Blog Articles?

Martin gave the topic “Should you delete obsolete blog articles” on Webmasterfriday today. That fits thematically well into this blog, so I'll write a few lines about it today.

Should I delete old blog posts?

I've been blogging myself for 7 years now and in my first blog I really wrote daily - sometimes even several times a day - posts that would have belonged in a microblogging service like Twitter. Sometimes there were just individual sentences with no real added value. Today I do it a little differently.

I really only publish articles that are in some way useful for the reader. Of course there are also shorter posts, but I just find a link to post on a blog ... you just don't do that anymore. Social networks are much better suited for this.

Basically you can say that search engines find it good if you have many pages on a website. But not at any price - the individual pages should also offer good quality content, otherwise they tend to harm you. So ... Such posts can damage your blog today from an SEO point of view. I would therefore recommend deleting them. Because search engines would like to have unique content and if you have many pages with you.

And what about well-researched articles that are just out of date? Personally, I would not delete them, but rather create a new post and link to the old one and also link from the old post to the new one. Or you can update the old post if that makes sense.


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