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It's that easy to test your website for mobile devices

How does my website appear on a tablet or smartphone? Can a user with small-format screens cope with the navigation? Are all scripts legible? Are images displayed correctly? Can all functions of the website, especially order processes, be used? And much more. Responsive web design is the magic word when setting up new websites, because the graphical structure automatically adapts to the respective end devices. That’s the theory. But what do the results look like in concrete terms? And what about older websites? The answer is provided by free mobile testing tools.

There are numerous ways on the Internet how you can quickly and easily test your website to determine whether it is suitable for mobile devices or not. Many of these tools are even free. I would like to introduce some of the best here.

Google's test of optimization for mobile devices

The Google test for optimization for mobile devices is suitable for a quick and informative check. You can check your existing website via the page or check new drafts in the development stage. Just enter the page url. After a few seconds you will receive an evaluation of your site with direct recommendations for mobile optimization.

On the same page, under the menu item “Guide for mobile devices”, you will also find further information on important aspects that you should consider when optimizing your mobile device.

Mobile check with current browser programs

The latest browser programs such as Mozilla Firefox and, above all, Chrome offer you very convenient options for checking websites on the go. With regard to the analysis functions, however, there are considerable differences. The mobile check at Mozilla Firebox is comparatively simple. Unfortunately, you can only test a relatively limited number of screen resolutions here. The function "Test screen sizes" can be found under Settings and there under the menu item "Developer tools".

The other Firefox tools for web developers offer you more extensive options for testing websites and designs, such as Java scripts and styles.

Further information can be found at developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/Tools/bildschirmgroessen-testen

If you want to check the display of your web presence on mobile devices in more detail, you are well served with the developer tools of Google Chrome. Because with Google's Chrome you can specifically choose between the currently most popular mobile devices, e.g. iPad Mini, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4 and many others. The parallel display of the page source code in the adjacent window is also very convenient.

The Chrome mobile tester can be found under Settings / Additional tools / Developer tools. To activate the mobile view, please click on the small smartphone symbol in the menu of the source code display.

Further tools for the mobile check

Independent tools offer you additional options for mobile testing, such as:


Screenfly is very small, but fine. Similar to Google's test of optimization for mobile devices, this program is suitable for a quick online check of websites. However, there is a whole range of predefined desktop, tablet, smartphone or TV screen sizes to choose from.

To the Screenfly online check


The MobileTest.me website also offers you a quick online quick check, but with significantly fewer options compared to Screenfly. Simply select the appropriate mobile device and enter the URL. Finished. But unfortunately not anymore.

To the online check of MobileTest.me

Opera developer

Opera developer is a standalone program that you can install on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can also use it to comprehensively test new functions on a wide variety of devices.

Further information and downloads at www.opera.com/de/developer


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