What incident do you regret in life

Translation of "deeply regret" in english

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It was just an incident that I did deeply repent.
You can forgive me if you can ... for the way I have been around me so far deeply repent.
You may forgive me, if you find it possible to do so, from some past associations, which I. now regret.
Anyway, I'm sad and miss you and deeply repentwhat i did and it would be very, very nice if you call me or we could meet.
Anyway, the point is that I am sad, and I miss you, and I. bitterly regret of what I did, and it would be very, very nice if you called, or ... in fact, if we could see each other.

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That was a mistake we made deeply regret.
Sometimes we do things in life that we will do later deeply regret.
There are some things in life that we do, that later we deeply regret.
Tom, put your gun down before you do anything deeply regret.
Tom, put the gun down before you do something you'll deeply regret.
So you claim that you have done all the things that you deeply regret?
So you're saying that you regret what you did?
She suffers this role down to the last fiber of herself, is convinced that she is doing the right thing in order to make it believable later deeply to to regret.
Up into the last fiber of herself she is going through this role, is convinced to do the right thing, only regret it later deeply and in a credibly way.
I deeply repenthow the matter was handled.
Now repent I deeplynot to have put an end to my life.
Now I regret that I didn't kill myself.
He wrote: I. deeply repent the things that I've done
I repent this deeply And I hope I can make up for it in the time I have left.
I. regret that deeply, and hope I can make up for it in the time I have left.
Now repent I the deeply and ashamed of it.
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