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Knock out Love: Roman
by Katharina Olbert

Synopsis: Kate left everything behind to study in Wilmington and start a new life. Far from her ex-boyfriend and everything that happened back then. She will never again find herself in such a situation and lose control of herself and her life. She signs up in a kick boxing studio to learn how to defend herself. But she didn't expect Ian, her incredibly attractive but also closed and grumpy trainer. At first he is dismissive and angry, then suddenly he is understanding and warm-hearted. Kate can never be sure which Ian she will meet next. She suspects that there have been dark times in his past too. It seems Ian and Kate are more alike than they think, and it's only a matter of time before they give in to the attraction between them. But then her ex Tyler suddenly stands in front of her and Kate finally has to face her past. But Kate is no longer the scared girl she used to be ...