How to leave the Episcopal Church

A walk through the royal seat of Neuburg on the Danube

The picturesque old town of Neuburg an der Donau is a true Renaissance pearl. A stopover is worthwhile in any case, as the town has an almost completely preserved ensemble from the Renaissance and Baroque periods that is well worth seeing, which lies impressively like a jewel on a Jura rock.

It is only a few minutes' walk to cross the Danube bridge from the “Schlösslwiese” car park (free of charge). If you pass “Hell” on the right side, you will reach the upper old town with its numerous sights through a tunnel, the so-called eye of the needle.

Arriving in the historical part, visitors immediately come across the entrance to the most outstanding and largest building in the city, the Residenzschloss (reopening in June 2021). In the passage to the Italian-looking courtyard, visitors will find a real specialty: the oldest Protestant sacred building in the world, the castle chapel, built in 1540. The palace also houses the State Gallery of Flemish Baroque Painting with 150 works by Flemish top artists such as Rubens and van Dyck.

If you leave the castle courtyard and follow Amalienstraße, your eyes will involuntarily hang on to the magnificent yellow facade of the Hofkirche, a splendid late Renaissance building.

Neuburg's most splendid time began in 1522 and the ruling princes continued to build the city in a lordly way, which brought Neuburg an der Donau to a true heyday in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is still omnipresent today, if you take a look around the impressive Karlsplatz, which is surrounded by superbly preserved houses. The provincial library alone (can only be visited with a guided tour) is one of the special gems. The early Rococo building with its rich facade structure amazes visitors again and again, as there is a splendid library hall with artistic baroque cupboards from the former Imperial Monastery of Kaisheim inside.

Anyone who strolls through Amalienstraße will pass the former Bishop's Church of St. Peter and the Witches Tower of the old Münz. At the end of the street you come to the Upper Gate, a Renaissance building on which the Neuburg city coat of arms can be seen beautifully on the front.

Immediately after the gate there is the possibility to turn east through a small gate to one of the most romantic places in Neuburg's old town. The park known as “Hutzeldörr”, which once served the dukes as a court garden, runs along the remains of the medieval city wall and ends behind the tourist information office. A few meters separate the magnificent facade of the district court opposite from the castle entrance, where the leisurely tour of the city ends.