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Translation of "have a lot of swing on it" in English

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Keep your feet on the ground until we have a lot of momentum!

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The toboggan race track with a length of 2 kilometers brings good momentum in your winter excursion.
The luge track with a length of 2 kilometers brings orderly momentum in your winter trip.
Everyone says it's so thin and light, but I can tell you with one good momentum they are a real weapon.
Everyone says they're so thin and light, but let me tell you when wielded properly, it's quite a weapon.
Our 100 colorful clowns stormed the city. They demonstrated loudly from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate and brought good momentum to the capital. However, not to point out their supposedly bad life situation, but as part of a PR campaign by Comedy Central.
Full of colors, our 100 clowns "attacked" the city. They demonstrated from the Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate and got the capital into full swing.Not to show their supposingly bad living conditions - but as part of a pr-project of Comedy Central.
The aim of the game is to throw the alien acrobat into the paddling pool provided on each level. A wide variety of tools are available for this purpose, with which one can overcome obstacles and good momentum can generate.
The goal of the game is to hurl the acrobat alien into the waiting paddling pool on every level. A range of tools to help you overcome obstacles and achieve the right momentum are at your disposal.
Pure nature flows in his veins: Together with sourdough, sunflowers and buckwheat the guy brings him from the country good momentum on the snack table!
Pure nature flows in his veins: sourdough, sunflower seeds and buckwheat add just the right verve to the snack table!
Now try it first: how does it go with this good piece? You can clearly see the weight of the sequins that the cape gets good momentum with fast turns!
Now try first: how can you whirl with this cape? You will realize the weight of the sequins, when spinning quickly, the cape gets a good speed!
Show them what you do have it.
Where I can have a better look have it.
You have to get better by tomorrow have it.
You need a little bit more work on them before tomorrow night.
Let's see what the kids have it.
Let's see what these kids got. Common.
If Salt hits, she has to do something have it.
If your girl tries anything here, it'd have to be pretty amazing.
After all of the training, you'd think the man should kill himself by now have it.
I don't know if I have a sign there have it want.
What I'm not sure about is if I want to have it glued on.
Tom Jones you have to have it.
And I want you all have it, come over.
And I want all of you in it, come on.
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