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Stun gun: effect, test, tips & buy

Stun guns are becoming more and more popular for self-defense, but are they legal and do they even bring anything? You can buy numerous stun guns in gun shops and various online shops, but not all of them are legal in Germany. We want to explain to you what to look out for when buying and how effective the devices really are.

The most important things in 30 seconds:

  • In Germany, stun guns with the PTB seal are legal
  • Stun guns in combination (with flashlight etc.) are prohibited in Germany
  • The effect depends on the number of volts + amperes + where it is used
  • Shockers are not necessarily suitable for self-defense, more on that below.

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Stun gun functionality & effect on people

The stun gun or drover generate at the push of a button an electrical voltage between two contacts. When these two contacts come into contact with your attacker's body, then flows electrical current between the contacts through his body.

The electric current superimposes the body's own impulses(because these also work through electrical impulses) and cause the muscles to crampwhich manifests itself in an uncontrolled tremor. It also causes redness at the entry points and, depending on the intensity, also Burns, but the most dangerous effect is the electrolytic decomposition of the blood, which leads to poisoning.

But be careful: In Germany only stun guns are allowed in which these effects only occur in the beginning and in a non-dangerous intensity. In general: the longer the effect of the current, the stronger the after-effects, which are predominantly in muscle pain manifest.

Video: stun gun in the test

A picture is worth a thousand words. So we have a few helpful ones for you Videos with stun gun tests selected that provide illustrative material and background information on stun guns. One thing becomes clear in the videos: effectiveness can not enough for some attackers be. Experienced attackers are only frightened by the electric impulse of the electric shock, but not incapacitated.

Stun gun suitable for self-defense?

The crucial question for most is whether or not a stun gun is even suitable for self-defense. Our conclusion is: Probably not! For the following reasons:

  • Fast reaction: For use is no strength, but a lot of speed requiredwhich makes the weapon more suitable for the younger ones among you. The weight of a stun gun is usually only around 200 grams plus batteries, so it is particularly suitable for weaker arms.
  • No surprise effect: The weapon becomes your attacker at first sight recognize as such and leave you no chance to use them in peace. So your best option is to use the stun gun before your attacker sees it.
  • Only against an attacker: The stun gun is also suitable for the same reason not for use against multiple opponents. As soon as you use it for the first time, the other attackers will take extreme care not to get their bodies within your reach. If attacked from multiple directions, it is useless anyway.
  • Not reliable: In addition, is the self-defense weapon not 100% reliable: If used improperly or if a covered area of ​​skin is used, the weapon does not work optimally. And even with correct use, trained attackers can withstand the pain and are not overridden.
  • Proximity to the enemy: So that you can use the electro pulse weapon, you have to stand directly in front of the enemy. With that you are already in imminent danger. The device can be stolen from you and used against you.

How effective is a stun gun?

The Voltage of 500,000 volts or even 1,000,000 volts Sounds enormous in contrast to the socket voltage of 230 V. However, the current is so low that nothing can happen to you, even if the attacker touches you during the shock.

But be careful: Ultimately it comes up different factors at, how effective the use of a stun gun fails. On the one hand, these are external factors and, of course, device properties.

The decisive factors for the effectiveness of the electric shock are:

  • The strength of the stun gun: Some models get ridiculous values ​​of 500,000 volt (Electrical voltage = volts) or even millions of volts. However, this value alone is not decisive. Paired with the amperage amp (This is the amperage) the electrical power which is responsible for the amount of current flow.
  • Electrical resistance: Where is the electrical pulse used? On the skin or does the electricity have to penetrate clothing?
  • humidity: Is the clothing or skin damp? This reduces the electrical resistance and increases the effect significantly.

Points of attack on the body

Effective points of attack are all those on which a Muscle failure incapacitates. In addition, the pain increases when there is more muscle at the hit point.

With people

  • If you hit the Groin area for example, paralyze the hips and thighs, which can cause your attacker to collapse but not be seriously injured.
  • The use against that Shoulder joint can incapacitate the entire arm.
  • A hit in Abdominal area causes severe pain, possibly in connection with vomiting and thus also makes you incapacitated.
  • As well on neck there is a high chance that the attacker will be badly hit and incapacitated so that you can escape.

Remember: it should no clothes in between be, that weakens the effect.

In animals

  • If a dog attacks you, you should try to use the device on your stomach (there is less hair there). The muzzle and eyes are also sensitive areas - but it can be assumed that permanent damage will result. In the case of self-defense, this is only the second thing you should think about.

Are stun guns legal?

Yes, stun guns are legal! According to the Weapons Act, only all electrical pulse devices that have not been approved by the PTB are prohibited. Therefore pay attention to the PTB seal.

In addition, you have to consider the following when purchasing, managing and deploying:

  • The Specification of the test mark of the PTB you can search in the item description or check it on the item picture. The stun gun law does not allow any exceptions, so buy another device if the PTB seal is missing. Devices that meet this standard have been throttled in their performance to a level that is harmless to humans.
  • You need no gun license to purchase a stun gun. In contrast to alarm guns, which can only be used with a small gun license.
  • The advantage of the stun guns approved by the PTB is that you can use them in public. The general ban on carrying dangerous objects public events according to §42 WaffG applies here too, of course.
  • Normally you only have to buy yours Of legal age prove that the electro-pulse weapons do not belong in the hands of children.
  • The unlawful use often has legal consequences. So don't use the stun gun lightly.
  • Other countries other manners: If you buy a shocker in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria or another country, it may well be that it is legal there, but not in Germany. You should be aware of that.

There are isolated stun guns, the one integrated device for spraying irritating gas or spray. However, due to the electric shock, they still have to have the PTB's seal of approval.

Warning these stun guns are prohibited

There are devices in circulation that are mostly sold as harmless “drovers”, but no PTB seal of approval have. These may not be acquired or carried in a handbag or car, but are considered prohibited weapons.

Caution is required with all devices that do not look like stun guns or have this function integrated:

  • Flashlight with shocker: Have been for quite some time Self defense flashlights in circulation, through inserted contacts on the front at the same time as a stun gun can serve. These are prohibited as there is currently no approved device in Germany. This approval is not granted in Germany, among other things, because weapons here must be recognizable as weapons and must not imitate everyday objects.
  • Taser pistols: Stun guns are also not permitted in Germany, the act at a distance. One usually spoke of "stun guns" or "Tasers". These are not allowed for private use, but are only reserved for the police, as the performance is well above the value that is considered harmless.
  • Baton / brass knuckles with shocker: Even if some models could serve as a “baton”, such models are not available in Germany.

Dangers during use

The first thing to remember is that this is a pure Melee weapon that requires contact with the attacker. That means you have to get right within range of his weapon, if he has one.

  • There is also a risk that he will be your weapon of self-defenseuse against youif you are too slow or too weak.
  • Another danger due to the in Germany throttled performance is the lack of effect. The power shocker will upset your attacker for a short time, but in no way paralyze it permanently. He may even be able to ignore the pain impulse entirely.
  • When using electricity, of course, there is always Danger to the attacker. Particularly when used on the upper body, rhythm disturbances can occur due to the proximity to the heart, which can be life-threatening. Using it against the head should definitely be avoided. As already mentioned, current impulses superimpose the body's own signals. So if you hit your attacker's vital body signals with a head hit, this can have serious health consequences.
  • Some models have complicated mechanismsthat are supposed to keep you from accidentally being triggered in your pocket. However, in an emergency, these mechanisms can ensure that you do not have the stun gun ready for use quickly enough.
  • The dangers of Use of an unapproved stun gun are much more serious. The likelihood of harming the attacker increases significantly, and possession and use can have legal consequences for you.

Buy stun gun

We do not run a shop for stun guns. Below you will find offers from Amazon, where you can find out more about the models in detail.

Shock FAQ

Here are a few more answers to frequently asked questions:

✅ Is a stun gun legal?

Yes, it can be bought for free. However, pay attention to the PTB test mark.
- You don't have to have a gun license
- But keep in mind that there are different rules in other countries, so be careful when traveling.
- Even wielding impulse weapons is not entirely trivial. Caution is required, especially at public events.
- Beware of models with "special functions" or combined weapons. There are forbidden variants here.

Read more about legality here.

✅ Are there distance stun guns in Germany?

No. These so-called teaser guns are not allowed in Germany.

1) And that is also the big disadvantage of the e-shockers in Germany. You have to get close to the enemy.
2) Even the big lead story with 500,000 volts or 1,000,000 volts is often not meaningful. Because the effectiveness depends on these factors.

It is best to have a look at our self-defense weapons guide, there are some alternatives.

✅ How expensive is a good stun gun?

The offer ranges from around € 30 to € 100. As is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. So it's best to choose a model from a brand manufacturer, for that you have to about 60 euros plan on.

Well-known manufacturers or dealers are Frankonia or Amazon, there you can buy conveniently.

✅ Can you take the shocker on the plane?

Guns are prohibited in holiday luggage. It is definitely forbidden in hand luggage! You could also get into trouble in your luggage, since on the one hand the transport is most likely not in order and you also have to question the import into the holiday country.

You should definitely consult the airline and also find out about the legal situation in the holiday destination.

✅ What is the penalty for using it?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a clear answer to this question. It depends entirely on the circumstances how the stun gun is used, one question plays a role:
- Were you allowed to own the electric shock device at all / Was it a legal model with a PTB seal
- Did you act in self-defense or was it an attack on your part?
- Was it an accident or was it on purpose
- Were you attacked before or not?
- Was it a one-off operation or was the person lying on the ground and you used the stun gun

The consequences can range from no consequences to fines and imprisonment. Therefore, only use your stun gun for self-defense when you are in danger.

✅ Is there a backup?

Yes, as a rule, the electric pulse devices have a safety switch so that your model does not suddenly go off in your pocket and you give yourself an electric shock.

So that the device lies comfortably in the hand, it can be easily transported with a hand strap, so you have it in your hand quickly when you need to.

✅ How long does the battery last?

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how long the battery lasts, because in the best case scenario you never use the device, and if so, then once. However, it is then important that the battery still has enough power.

Therefore, you should test every 6 months whether the shocker still has enough energy. To be on the safe side, you can also replace the battery once a year so that it works safely in an emergency.

✅ How many volts does a teaser have?

The number of volts in teasers fluctuates between approximately 100,000 volts and almost 2,000,000 volts.

But this value alone is not very meaningful, we have taken a position on it, read this section through.

Danger: Our content has been carefully prepared, however legal norms change and some are subject to interpretation. We cannot accept any liability for the following information, please consult a lawyer for legally secure advice. Status: 04/2020

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