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Do you want to understand human experience and behavior as well as explain and change the resulting actions? Then a psychology degree is just right for you! This online study guide provides you with comprehensive information on studying psychology and leaves no questions unanswered. With us you will find everything you need to know about study options, requirements and universities. Let's go - find the right psychology degree now!

You want to study psychology and are looking for detailed informationInformation on studying psychology? Then you are right here! With us you will find everything you need to know about psychology and its key areas of study. We also give you tips on application, study financing and help you choose the right university.

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The psychology course is not only popular in Germany, numerous universities in other European countries also offer a psychology course. Over 140 universities We therefore list them in our large database, you can be sure: you will find it here! Find the right university for your psychology studies now!

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A classic psychology degree or would you prefer a special subject? The offer to Psychology courses is diverse. Whether health psychology, sports psychology, business psychology or clinical psychology and psychotherapy: our course descriptions provide you with all the information about the respective courses.

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Would you like to combine theory and practice in a psychology degree? Then go for one dual study! Here you can find out everything about the dual psychology degree and what alternatives you have. We also have all the information about the salary in the dual study program and provide you with the right universities and companies!

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You are looking for insights into the Professional world of psychology? What jobs are available after studying psychology? What do graduates say about starting their careers and the world of work? What are the chances of getting a good job with a bachelor's degree? How much is the salary? We answer these and other questions in our professional world.

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Are you already in the middle of your job, but want to continue your education in psychology alongside your job? Are you looking for a good additional psychological qualification to advance your career? We'll tell you which Psychology advanced training there are and list numerous providers with whom you can complete further training.

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Would you like to treat people therapeutically and solve their psychological problems? Then you have to do a postgraduate degree after completing a Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychologyTraining as a psychotherapist Piggyback. Find out everything you need to know about the various training courses and find providers!

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Why are we the way we are and why are some different? Psychology researches the way people think, act, experience and behave and is therefore one of the most exciting subjects for many prospective students.

How does color perception work in the brain? How does an addiction affect people? How can a company find the right employees and offer them a good environment for further development? Those who study psychology learn exactly such things. Here you will find everything about this versatile degree with all its different courses.

In addition to many advisory articles - from choosing your degree to job opportunities after your studies - we offer you one Database of all psychology and psychology-related courses in Germany and in other European countries. From applied psychology to clinical psychology to business psychology, you can find all courses at universities, universities of applied sciences and academies with us.