What is finance and types of finance

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Home savings

Bausparen follows the solidarity-based idea of ​​saving together. At the same time, the saver is entitled to a loan. At the end of the savings period in Austria, this can be used either for building or renovating residential property, for maintenance or for training. The state supports building society savings with a premium of currently 1.5 percent annually on the deposits or a maximum of 18 euros.

Stock exchange

The stock exchange is the trading market for securities and other financial products. Depending on how many buy or sell orders are received by the brokers during trading hours (supply and demand), the prices for individual securities can rise or fall. The only stock exchange in Austria - and one of the oldest in the world - is the Vienna Stock Exchange. Internationally significant stock exchanges are New York, Tokyo and London.


Contract with which the borrower receives an amount of money that he has to reimburse the lender plus interest. Building society loans or “consumer loans” in general are common. Both are subject to strict consumer protection. The written form is just as binding as the exact details of the loan amount, form of repayment, interest rates, costs and the annual percentage rate. After the conclusion of the contract, consumers have a two-week right of withdrawal. The same applies in Germany and Switzerland.