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For me it is Bible a Reader and at the same time a book of life. On my homepage I will describe in the future under the Book tips Stories about individuals in the Bible. My approach: I describe the person concerned very briefly, give the Bible passage precisely and then think about what I have read. I've read the Bible for years and it means everything to me! The Bible is incredibly exciting and instructive. God speaks to me and I can learn a lot from the Bible as a person. It was written for us humans and deals with the relationship between God and human beings. God teaches us humans and he shows us his ideas, goals, intentions. The Bible is very timely. Many things are timeless, examples include: the insecurity of people, doubts, happiness, misfortune, envy, birth, death ...

now toEutychus:

“The evening before Sunday we met for the Lord's supper. Paul spoke to the congregation, and because this was the last time he was with them - for he wanted to travel on the next day - he extended his speech until after midnight. Numerous lamps were burning in our meeting room on the top floor. A young man by the name of Eutychus was sitting on the windowsill. After speaking for so long, Paul fell asleep and fell three stories out of the window. When he was picked up, he was dead ... but Paul ... "

Continue reading: New Testament, Acts, chapter 20, paragraphs 7-9.

My thoughts on that:

Why did Paul speak for so long? Didn't the audience believe him? Were you still unsure? Elsewhere Paul said, “But in the ward meeting, I speak prefer five understandable sentencesto instruct others in the faith, than ten thousand words that nobody understands. " Then why did he talk so long? Paul never met Jesus because he was a persecutor of Christians. Paul was later converted and afterwards joined the apostles. In Jerusalem he met Peter and the others. He knew the good news very well, and yet the audience did not always believe him. Eutychus even fell asleep while making the speech and fell to his death. Was Paul a bad speaker, was his message unconvincing?

And how is it today? Who do we still believe? Who are we listening to?

What do we actually believe? Do we fall asleep too and fall out the window?

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