What is GTA V RP

GTA 5 as a real role-playing game: what's behind it and how you are involved

Particularly popular on GTA 5 RP servers: Become a gang member.

Actually, the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 stands for absolute chaos: Cheaters, flying motorcycles and even alien gangs make Los Santos unsafe in GTA Online.

But it can also be done completely differently and much more seriously: Since the beginning of 2017, role-playing servers have existed as an alternative on which real life is to be simulated, so to speak. What is behind it, for whom it is suitable and how you can participate, we explain to you in this article.

Real RPG in GTA Online: that's behind it

The fan-operated RP servers experienced their first big boom in 2017 thanks to American Twitch giants such as Lirik and Summit1G, and the virtual adventures of their role-playing characters dominated the streaming platform for weeks.

On the evening of February 5, 2021, the NoPixel.net server, on which the English-speaking streamers play together, will return with Update 3.0 and hundreds of thousands of viewers will again follow the stories of their favorite characters. But why is it all so fascinating?

That's what it's about: On role-playing servers you get the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a second, virtual life to which there are practically no limits. Everyone starts out as nobody, but has the same opportunities to make a name for themselves with their fellow players and to attain fame and fortune.

You want to play a gangster and do crooked things? Ensure law and order as a police officer? Or would you rather chauffeur your fellow players from A to B as a taxi driver? Everything is possible without any problems, because mods are running on all servers that bring new professions and mechanics into play. You can see which new features the NoPixel server offers the US streamer in the following trailer:

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However, you are not tied to these mechanics and can practically do any job, no matter how unusual, as long as you can embody it credibly and do not spoil the fun for other players.

For the last GTA RPG boom in 2019, we have GameStar Podcast, we spoke to two GTA 5 RP players. There you can hear firsthand what it feels like to play a gangster or a police officer on an RP server:

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RPG in GTA is not for everyone

In case you think that sounds exciting: In theory, anyone can participate, you only need a working version of GTA 5 and you have to install a modified game client. However, prevail on the servers strict rulesto give trolls and griefers no chance.

Virtually all servers expect you to play hardcore role-playing games: Who your character is and how he behaves must be clarified before the first game start - usually in the form of an application or a short voice chat conversation with the server team. Have you successfully completed this whitelisting process?

Even if you are not yet a good role-player, you are at least expected to make an effort consistently. The simplest rule that applies to any RP server and can be easily followed by anyone: The health and integrity of your figure comes first. You should also act exactly as you would in real life.

As a simple example: If you - unintentionally, of course - knocked another player overboard, you should call the police and an ambulance and not just hit the road.

A prominent example of good role play is character Sheriff Eli Thompsonplayed by an ex-cop. The tough in-game cop benefited from the professional experience of his player and became one of the most famous GTA streamers on Twitch in 2017 thanks to the perfect embodiment of a badass cop:

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These German RP servers exist

If all the rules didn't put you off, but maybe even made you want to play GTA 5 role-playing games, you have a whole range of German role-playing servers to choose from, on which you can apply - four of them are briefly presented here in front.

However, you should be quick: As soon as the big US streamers play GTA on RP servers again, the German Twitch streamers usually follow this trend only a few days later. The past has already shown in 2017 and 2019 that the server operators then receive a particularly large number of applications that are associated with long waiting times.


The German RP server FiveRP describes itself as a beginner-friendly RP server. There should be no long waiting times for the whitelisting process.

The playable professions here include the police officers, paramedics, mechanics and taxi drivers present on all servers, but also unusual jobs such as deep-sea divers and news reporters.

Click here for FiveRP


You can also work in all kinds of professions on LuckyV - but that wasn't all. According to the homepage, you can approach the admins at any time and present your own business model. If you have a great idea, the team takes care of the implementation of the necessary mechanics. The server also has quite advanced mechanics: For example, you have to pay attention to your diet if you don't want your character to become overweight.

This way to LuckyV


If you want to combine business simulation with role play, you should be happy with StateV. Again, you can start a company of your choice, but the server takes another step in this regard: The entire economy is determined by the players who determine the price of resources or goods such as t-shirts or even vehicles. Plus, virtually every building in Los Santos can be bought and entered.

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GVMP is the veteran among the German RP servers, because the project started in 2017 as the second German server and is currently the oldest, still active server in the German-speaking area. This is also reflected in the number of player groups: there are 18 different gangs, mafias and biker clubs there alone. On the other hand, there are numerous government organizations such as the police, FBI, army and even a traffic bureau.

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