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Ultimate insider tips for your Singapore trip 2021!

From Brand Story | October 14, 2020, 3:43 p.m.

It is this one question that is currently on our minds: Corona there, goodbye holidays? Even if the current situation puts us to a tough test, we still think: We'll keep the wanderlust for 2021! And because dreaming is allowed (and planning is everything), three passionate Singapore fans and travel bloggers tell us why we should definitely not miss this holiday destination next year.

The digital nomad Anna (30) and the world tour couple Jessica (33) and Daniel (35) open their private holiday album for us and show their most beautiful photos of the breathtaking island nation. And we? Pack our suitcases for next year!

Fantastically beautiful Singapore!

If you want everything at once, consider yourself curious and impatient, prefer a mix of action, nature, culture and culinary delights when traveling and also appreciate cleanliness, you simply have to go to Singapore. This city inspires its visitors on every corner, including Jessica and Daniel from Life to go.

Jessica: “We were directly overwhelmed. In the rather compact city, we were able to experience a lot in a small space, we discovered a number of highlights on foot. There is a special kind of cultural mix here, which makes Singapore very special and interesting. The super clean city really impressed us on our first visit. "

Daniel: “The Changi Airport in Singapore is also very special with its tropical plants, the airport cinemas, a swimming pool with jacuzzis and sun loungers in the open air. The latest highlight is the Rain Vortex waterfall, at 40 meters the largest indoor waterfall in the world! The exciting start to the Singapore experience begins at the airport and can end there as well. "

Singapore also made a clear impression on globetrotter Anna, as a photographer she sometimes didn't even know what to capture first. “Above all, I associate Singapore with an exciting city that combines the most diverse cultures of the world with extreme modernity. In contrast to Bangkok, where I was two days before, Singapore looks very clean, tidy and orderly. However, there are some rules of conduct that you should pay attention to, e.g. eating and drinking is prohibited on public transport. And chewing gum is only available on prescription. It is best to read up on it beforehand. Despite the rules, the city is very easy-going, looks warm and relaxed and very tourist-friendly: My hotel cost around 50 euros per night. You can also book accommodation in Singapore via Airbnb or couchsurf. "

What do you have to eat?

Daniel: “Singapore is home to people from all over the world. You quickly notice that when it comes to culinary delights. In the morning an international breakfast in the hotel, for lunch Chinese food, in the afternoon a Malay snack and in the evening Indian cuisine! In Chinatown, more precisely in the Maxwell Food Center, we tried fresh sugarcane juice for the first time in our lives. "

Anna, too, was so enthusiastic about the food that it takes superlatives to describe it: “I really want to go back to eat the most delicious curry in the world in a street restaurant in the Little India district. It's totally worth it to feast your way through the street restaurants in the various districts or to visit one of the many festivals instead of eating in expensive restaurants! "

Even those who travel without meat will be happy in Singapore.

Jessica: “We are both vegan and we didn't starve to death in Singapore. Many vegetarians and vegans fear that they will only get meat in Southeast Asia. This is a real fairy tale. We could always ask the friendly people in Singapore to name us vegan dishes on their menus or to modify dishes that are actually not vegan to match. Due to the variety of cookshops in the Maxwell Food Center alone, we are sure that another trip to Singapore will follow soon! "

A must for all foodies is a visit to one of the so-called hawker centers: In these half-open halls there is one street food seller next to the other and almost all of them are inexpensive and at the same time exceptionally good!

What do you have to see?

Anna: “In Singapore, despite its size, you don't have the feeling of being in a huge city. That's why I let myself drift. I was amazed at how green Singapore is: there are palm trees and trees everywhere - and it's not for nothing that the botanical gardens attract over four million visitors a year. The Gardens by the Bay and everything on the promenade are a must-see and the Little India area is definitely worth a visit. "

The world travel experts Daniel and Jessica fell particularly in love with the natural beauties of the city.

Daniel: “One of the nicest experiences in Singapore was visiting Gardens by the Bay. It doesn't take long here and you think you have entered the gate to another world! Huge gardens, a wide variety of plants, huge trees, plus the Supertree Skywalk, which offers you an incredible view, and a light and sound show in the evening that we have never experienced before. Words cannot describe how beautiful and breathtaking this place is. We recommend visiting in the late afternoon so that the gardens can still be seen in the open air in daylight and later in the dark. It's the same place, but it has a completely different flair depending on the time of day. "

On the more than 100 hectare park area of ​​the Gardens by the Bay there is also an indoor rainforest with a gigantic waterfall that plunges everything into spray mist. The appropriate name: Cloud Forest. Another highlight: the Flower Dome, a huge greenhouse in which it always seems to be spring.

Jessica: “The Flower Dome with lots of flowers from all over the world is like a fairytale forest. We recommend visiting when it is dark. You should see the Cloud Forest in the light. A real Singapore must-do - we felt like we were in the movie 'Avatar'! "

A very special jewel awaits all wildlife watchers and nature lovers in the north-west of Singapore: the huge Sungei Buloh National Park. The mangrove nature reserve is home to crocodiles, monitor lizards, migratory birds and crabs, and turtles and bats can also spot attentive visitors in the rivers and on trees.

Where is the best place to go shopping?

Anna: “Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but you can still spend a few cool days here for little money. The more expensive shops have settled around the promenade, but the other quarters of the city are at least as beautiful and more suitable for those on a budget. I was on a 'low budget' trip, but I didn't have to do without anything. You can reach a lot on foot, otherwise the cheap public transport is a good option, especially the subway. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Which leisure highlights are there to discover?

Daniel and Jessica: “We were in Singapore for a total of five days, exploring Marina Bay with the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel and marveling at the Merlion statue - it represents the patron saint of the city: half fish, half lion. In the evening we enjoyed the Marina Bay light show. Our tip: Definitely visit Chinatown, there is the impressive Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. And in the Singapore City Gallery, which can be visited free of charge, you can learn everything about the origins and history of the city. After a stroll through the beautiful Mount Faber Park or alternatively the Bay East Garden with a view of the Singapore skyline, the day can end with dinner in Little India. Just perfect."

And for that extra dose of romance: “The dreamlike island state also offers honeymooners and newly-in love with a great program, for example in the evening in the Gardens by the Bay, with a romantic sunset in the Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, with a view of the city or in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with an unforgettable dinner followed by a cocktail on the rooftop pool terrace, ”rave the two.

Where's the most action in Singapore?

“Singapore has a wide range of urban leisure and sports facilities,” says Anna. “I discovered my passion for bouldering in Singapore because I ended up at an outdoor bouldering world cup by chance and watched for hours. Really cool!"

“Cool” is also the correct name for Sentosa Island, an ideal day trip destination for all Singapore travelers who really want to have fun. In addition to water park fun, indoor skydiving, a rainforest toboggan run and a giant aquarium, you can also go really high here!

Daniel: “Sentosa Island is a kind of pleasure island. Our highlights there: the cable car ride and ziplining! Singapore offers so many contrasts and totally different highlights. So our trip was really very special. Don't forget: Be sure to ride the big wheel - the Singapore Flyer - and enjoy the view of the skyline! It comes from many different places in Singapore and every time it's unbelievable. "

What are your three ultimate Singapore tips, Anna?

Anna: “I was there in January 2016. Thanks to the year-round warm temperatures, you can always plan a trip to Singapore. I would definitely spend a few more days there and then swim a lap in the legendary infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. This city is also an ideal travel destination for solo travelers! "

Anna's three tips for those who are there for the first time:

  1. “Let yourself drift.
  2. Feast your way through the different districts.
  3. Chill with a view of the skyline at sunset. "

And your tips for newcomers to Singapore, Daniel and Jessica?

  1. “Explore the city and its wide cultural diversity in a relaxed way, e.g. the contrast between Chinatown and Little India!
  2. Make sure to enjoy a late afternoon and evening at Gardens by the Bay! Really a must do in Singapore!
  3. And if you want to enjoy a cool drink with a unique view, then up to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the evening. Brilliant!
  4. Incidentally, all the beautiful moments can easily be shared with family and friends back home and mobile work also works flawlessly, in Singapore the network is super fast at all times. A real city of the future. "

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