What is anti national

Siempre * Antifa Frankfurt

Again and again we come across the term "anti-national". From the demo slogan to the self-description of groups to the definition of a whole current. What is hidden behind the apparently radical term remains largely unclear. We would like to contribute to clarification, therefore our small flyer as a suggestion: What actually is "anti-national" ‘? About the nonsense of an abstract and fuzzy criticism

a) Is anti-nationalist meant, the term itself is not particularly controversial, but, especially in the German context, a matter of course. Because: Nationalism is a bourgeois ideology both historically and in terms of content. Historically, this was progressive and revolutionary in Western countries until the time of feudalism, but has not been since then. The practical approach to nationalism today then means targeting bourgeois class rule in order not to stop at an abstract criticism of ideology. The opposite of nationalist is an anti-bourgeoisie, class struggle Orientation: class struggle instead of location logic.

b) Is with anti-national anti-nation-state what is meant is the bourgeois state in general or the imperialist state in particular. The latter, in turn, is characterized by a double oppression: like every bourgeois state through repression and protection of the capitalist system internally, but additionally through exploitation and oppression up to and including war externally. The imperialist states (centers) secure the capitalist system worldwide; the states (peripheries) that are economically and politically oppressed by the centers are subject to it. Therefore, an important criterion is that of inequality. This does not seem to be taken into account in the “anti-national” discourse, since it is assumed in the abstract that all states function in the same way, which does not take into account the historical peculiarities of different states, their relationship to one another and their unequal position in terms of economic, political and military power.

c) "National“Itself also means something like“ nationwide ”. If a revolution is victorious, no matter how anti-international or anti-international it may be, it is initially objectively national. In no way does that mean that it is also nationalistic. Social revolutionary movements that claim a certain territory establish a de facto nation state because they are forced into this form from outside, regardless of their own claims. This cannot change as long as the world is divided into national states and the capitalist world market exists. We find the nation-state as a political-historical division of the geographical terrain; it is the starting point of our struggles. This classification was and is made, changed or guaranteed by the western (military) powers. The yoke of imperialism, which secures this division and the world market, must fall.

d) "National" independence or statehood in other parts of the world may be a prerequisite for exemption. That it is a prerequisite means that it is not identical with it. Rather, it can be a stage on the way there, with all the problematic implications that statehood as rule includes. Territories as semi-colonies under more military Occupation must first oust the colonial occupation before they can set social liberation in motion. Populations the culturally and politically be oppressed as a community must be able to organize themselves independently. Economically dependent areas must end their economies' orientation towards the west so that they can even be oriented towards the needs of the people. In other words: without occupying power or without imperialism in general, liberation can fail, but with these it is impossible.

e) Anti-imperialist means attacking a basis for local nationalism because the West benefits from the systematic exploitation and oppression of the majority of the world. anti-imperialist means antistate taking into account the special function and strength of the imperialist centers. anti-imperialist is global anticapitalist.

Our approach can therefore only be anti-nationalist, that is, class struggle and anti-imperialist!

The flyer as a PDF can be found here.