Are you going with your students

15 sayings that perfectly describe your school days

Dead tired from the very first lesson because the night was far too short to sleep - that is part of school as the numbers are part of math lessons. You chat with friends at the lake and you philosophize until late at night. Or you sink completely into a book, even though you just wanted to quickly read one chapter. No matter what it is: Sometimes the small and big adventures under dark circles are just worth it.

2. "I'm normal, but the others are weird."

You know that: somehow, everyone suddenly seems to have a slight bang. All but you, of course. Before you come to the conclusion that the others have been replaced by aliens overnight (maybe what caused you dark circles was a sci-fi movie ...): Take it easy. Better take a deep breath. Because:

3. "Before you go your head through the wall, think about what you want in the next room."

Even if it is impressive that you can go from 0 to 180 faster than any Ferrari: Everyone has to realize (at least) once that their head-through-the-wall action was ultimately completely superfluous. "Afterwards you always know more", you have to say to yourself - and for better or worse row back meekly.

4. "My life in one word:" Huh? "

Some days you feel smart like a fox. On other days, you only smell like one. Then it feels like you're just poking around in the fog half the time. That is in the nature of things - "" life "read backwards ultimately means" fog ". So it's no wonder that you don't see through!

5. "This is not the sun that is setting. It is the world that keeps turning."

Stupid situations, frustration and a good dose of drama are simply part of school days. In retrospect, however, it is rarely really dramatic. Sooner or later you will just realize: the world keeps turning. Regardless of whether it is lovesick or bad grades: At some point we will grow over everything. If only it would grow faster!

6. "Can I briefly save my life and try something out?"

Everyone wishes that in between. So much hectic, so many duties, so much pressure. Life just needs a way to store it. Then you could later continue exactly where you saved it, much smarter and more experienced. So where is Daniel Düsentrieb, if you ever need him?

7. "If I could do what I wanted, believe me: I would."

Admittedly, some things are actually difficult or even impossible as a student. Traveling around the world and internet start-ups, for example, usually have to wait until after school. But sometimes you are just a knockout and whistle in your own pocket. You would really like to get active. If only you could. But unfortunately you can, unfortunately not. Or is it?

8. "I have made up my mind and say: maybe."

Even if they always pretend: Even adults don't always know where to go. As a pupil, however, you raise planlessness, uncertainty and perplexity to a whole new level: "Yes. No. Uh ... maybe. Can someone decide for me, please?"

9. "If you could convert" annoyance "into money, I could retire around 3pm."

That would really be a business model that would have given generations of students immediate retirement. The teachers too, by the way. But school life is not a pony farm. Even if - depending on the current trend - there are plenty of girls with ponies. So all that remains is a thick skin. And the anticipation of the end of classes.

10. "Sometimes you have to do what you don't like to get where you want to go."

“Yeah, homework. Yessss, finally a class test again. Cool, tomorrow afternoon still math. "- All sentences you would probably never say. Because - let's be honest - you don't really enjoy some of the" sub-disciplines "of the school. But:" Must be. "Or, to put it another way: It pays to grit your teeth so that you can get to where you want to go, so close your eyes and go!

11. "I'm not lazy, I'm in energy saving mode!"

Nobody can perform 100% every day, every week and every school year. It's just not humanly possible - no matter how good you are. Sometimes it just has to be the power save mode so that you don't blow a fuse. And with that you are in good company.

12. "I'm a little off track at the moment. It's nice there!"

Sometimes you just stand next to you. Or on the famous line. You got up on the wrong foot and consistently missed the rest of the day. Of course, beautiful is different - but it's not the end of the world either. If you take a leisurely look at your place next to the lane, you will sometimes find out surprisingly: actually nice. And suddenly only half as wild that your original plan didn't want to work out at all.

13. "You can't mow a racing heart."

Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty hands and a lot of palpitations - what would school be without them? Definitely a lot more boring. And at most half as nice. Because even if you sometimes wish you could just get rid of the racing heart, it actually feels good.

14. "Close your eyes and dance!"

Fading out the seriousness of life, forgetting everything around you and enjoying the here and now: that's what you can do. Right, good, and important. And quite enviable. So: Quietly, with a clear conscience, ignore the subject matter, close your eyes and dance. If necessary, even without music. The main thing is to enjoy!

15. "Now is the best time!"

Quite a paradox: only when you have finished school do you suddenly long for her back. Even if you now think that this would never happen to you - sometimes it just comes through, the "actually-we're-doing-totally-fine" feeling. Because despite everything that annoys you about school: Now is the best time!