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In our online shop you sell electronic devices as well as various media and books. Unlike other auction houses, reBuy enables you to trade directly without additional waiting times.

For example, if you want to sell PC games, one click takes you to the sales area. For an exact search you can use, for example, Farming Simulator 2011, or Legend of Pegasus, the unmistakable EAN or ISBN number. Provided that you want to sell PC games, this number can usually be seen on the case or packaging. A list of search results will then appear. Here you can view our bid for your product, such as Bus Simultaor 2012, Secret Files 3, or Last Horizon, and start selling right away. With a click on the button Sell you place your article in the sales basket. This is always displayed to you at the top of the page. This makes selling particularly easy if you want to sell a large number of PC games. As soon as the total value of your goods is more than 10.00 euros, you will receive a voucher from us for free shipping. If you sell multiple PC games, this amount can be reached quickly.

Regardless of whether you prefer to play first-person shooters, simulations or strategy games on the computer, you can easily sell your PC games on As soon as you sell and send in your products or PC games, the transfer will be initiated by us within one working day.