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Coronavirus: When Instagram becomes a strip club

Pretty much every industry is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The erotic business is no exception. Numerous dancers who earn their living in strip clubs are currently out of work. While some seek their salvation on established cam sites, another alternative has emerged: Instagram strip clubs.

Justin LaBoy, a former professional basketball player, and Justin Dior Combs, son of rapper P. Diddy, have been running evening shows via Instagram's live streaming function for around a month. The virtual events are called "Respectfully Justin". Not only do they not only bring large audiences for the women performing, but also considerable income, reports the New York Times.

Instagram instead of a nightclub

The process is now routine. LaBoy starts a live broadcast and calls on dancers to report. There is also great demand from this side. He then invites the selected users as a guest stream to his broadcast and pins their account name to the money transfer app Cash as a top contribution. Viewers are encouraged to donate money for the show.

The women who appear do not show their faces when they appear, but anonymize themselves with masks, for example. Not all of the dancers previously worked in strip clubs and similar establishments. Some are unemployed women from completely different professions who hope to be able to stay afloat financially this way.

Money and followers

She has already earned around 18,000 dollars from these shows, explains one of the dancers named Alexis. And while she has to entertain the audience for eight hours in one evening in a real club, an appearance on "Respectfully Justin" only takes a few minutes before it is the next woman's turn. In addition to the money, the performers gain new followers for their own Instagram accounts in this way, which opens up additional sources of income - for example for private livestream shows.

According to Justin Combs, up to 30,000 users per hour have found the stream so far. This is of course also thanks to the large following of him and LaBoy on social media. Their fame and connections also repeatedly attract prominent guests to the audience, such as ex-basketball star Shaquille O‘Neal.

The model has already found imitators. The Canadian rapper Tory Lanez now also organizes such events under the name "Quarantine Radio". And the Atlanta strip club "Magic City" has started offering virtual lap dances.

Change on guest list because of scammers

LaBoy and Combs originally announced the Instagram account for the next show in advance via their social media channels. The fact that you keep setting up new accounts is because these events actually violate the guidelines of the platform run by Facebook. Nudity is not welcome there. Accordingly, the model is on shaky legs in this regard.

Recently, however, a kind of guest list has been adopted. This is to prevent premature shutdowns of the stream, but also to make fraud more difficult. Strangers try again and again to help dancers get money or photos with account names that are similar to his or her appearance. However, the new format has resulted in a significantly lower audience. This is not a problem for the women performing as long as there are enough viewers willing to pay. (gpi, April 15, 2020)