How can I get my money back?

Take a deep breath Event canceled due to Corona: is there any money back?

After a year of the corona pandemic, almost every major event is or is still canceled. Bundesliga games are played without spectators, concerts and theater performances are canceled or have to be postponed. Nevertheless, optimistic organizers continue to announce events for the coming months - in the hope that they will then be allowed. But what if not? You can read here when you will get your money back if your event is canceled or postponed.

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Concert canceled: money back or voucher?

In the course of the corona pandemic, the responsible authorities of the individual federal states have for a long time prohibited any events at which many people come together. In late summer and autumn 2020 there was hope that larger events would soon be allowed again. But since the second wave of the pandemic, music and sports fans have once again been asked to wait until the number of infections has dropped significantly.

The basic regulation if the event is canceled:

  • If you have a ticket for an event that has been canceled due to an official ban, you will usually be reimbursed the ticket price.
  • If the organizer does not meet his obligation to perform - i.e. does not deliver the sold service - ticket owners are entitled to a refund in accordance with Sections 346 (1), 326 (5) and 275 of the German Civil Code (BGB). This applies regardless of the reason for the rejection.

In May 2020 the federal government has a Special regulation for the time of the corona pandemic issue:

  • According to this, organizers are allowed to invite visitors to an unusual event with a Voucher instead of money to compensate.
  • This only applies to tickets that have already Purchased before March 8, 2020 were.
  • You can read more about the special voucher scheme in this dispute pilot's guide.

For tickets that Purchased after March 8, 2020 The following applies: You do not have to accept a voucher as compensation if the event is canceled, but can insist on getting your money back.

How do I go about getting my money back?

Contractual partners are the organizers, but many leave the reverse processing to the advance booking offices. For one refund you'd best turn there, where you bought your ticket, for example to:

  • an online ticket platform
  • the on-site advance booking office
  • the box office
  • the organizer

If you bought your ticket online, the organizer or the ticket portal will often even contact you by email if you cancel and inform you of what needs to be done.

Some organizers have clauses in their general terms and conditions according to which they are not liable if an event is due to unpredictable events must be canceled. In the opinion of the consumer advice centers, however, such clauses are ineffective. If the organizer refuses to reimburse the ticket price with reference to force majeure, you can take legal action against this if necessary.

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What if the event takes place online as an alternative?

Many artists are also organizationally creative during the crisis: They want to offer their fans something despite the ban on large public events - and of course also earn money. Therefore, they move their appearances as a live stream on the Internet. Paying viewers receive a link with an activation code and can then follow the event on their home computer.

However, if you have already bought a ticket for a live concert with an audience, you can be yourself Get a refund if the concert only takes place in the live stream instead. The online event is not considered to be an equivalent substitute.

What if the event is postponed?

Many concerts that cannot take place as planned due to the ban on events will be rescheduled for a later date. Your ticket is then automatically valid for the new date. Can't you keep the catch-up date, the organizer must take the card back and refund you the ticket price.

Important: This only applies if the event was originally supposed to take place on a specified date and not just a period or several possible dates were specified.

What if I don't want to go for fear of infection?

If the Event takes place, but if you prefer not to go there because of the possible risk of infection, you will not be reimbursed the ticket price.

Also Ticket insurancethat you can conclude at advance booking offices and ticket portals when buying, do not help in this case. They only take effect if you are unable to attend due to illness, family death, or any other important reason. However, fear of infection is not considered to be an important reason.

The only way not to be left with the costs: You sell your concert ticket.

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What applies to season ticket holders of Bundesliga clubs?

In the Bundesliga, all games are currently played as "ghost games"; the fans have to stay outside. As a season ticket holder, you can sign up for the club have the entrance fee reimbursed for each game on a pro-rata basisthat you can therefore not visit. As a rule, this corresponds to one seventeenth of the purchase price per game, as there are 17 home games per season. Season tickets purchased before March 8, 2020 are subject to the special voucher scheme (see above).

How the refund works, you can find out on the homepage of your Bundesliga club. There will often be too Alternatives offered, for example the waiver of reimbursement against discounts in the fan shop or discounts on future tickets. You can of course decide for yourself whether you want to accept these offers or have your money refunded.

  • If a concert or performance is canceled by the organizer, you will be reimbursed the ticket price.
  • You only have to accept a voucher instead of money as a refund if you bought your ticket before March 8, 2020.
  • If there is an alternative date that does not suit you, you can return your card.
  • Online concerts are not considered an equivalent substitute for an on-site concert.
  • Season ticket holders are entitled to a proportionate reimbursement of costs for ghost games.

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