Who would win Kakashi or Itachi?

Kakashi & Naruto vs. Itachi





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Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Chiyo set out to free Gaara from Akatsuki's hands. Of course, they have something against it and therefore send someone to stop Kakashi & Co. It's Itachi Uchiha. Naruto announces Itachi's end to anger, because they want him first and now Gaara as well. But Itachi takes his hand out of his coat pocket slowly. Kakashi immediately gives the order that nobody should look into Itachi's eyes. Chiyo briefly explains that they would have an advantage as they are in the majority and only one can be caught in gene jutsu while the rest attack from behind. But Kakashi briefly explains that this would not work because Itachi uses the Mangekyou Sharingan. Kakashi also knows the weak point of the Mangekyou Sharingan and therefore wants to compete against Itachi. Naruto should support him in this.


Itachi says it is time for Naruto to come with him and points his finger at Naruto. Kakashi attacks and charges Itachi. But this catches the blow from Kakashi. An Itachi doppelganger runs towards Naruto, but Naruto tries to destroy him with the Rasengan, which apparently works. But after the doppelganger has broken up, Naruto looks around and notices that all of his friends have been defeated and are lying on the ground. However, one by one they stand up and each transform into a likeness of Itachi. With that, Naruto is surrounded by three Itachis. Naruto first wonders if there are doubles again and throws a kunai at each of them.

But nobody disappears, each one only stays in the air while falling backwards and then dissolves into a flock of crows. The crows recombine to form an Itachi a few meters further in the air. Naruto now understands that he's stuck in a gene jutsu, but doesn't know how he got in there, since he didn't even look into Itachi's eyes. Itachi explains to him that for a gene jutsu he not only needs his eyes but, as in this case, a single finger is enough. Like the one he pointed to Naruto with at the beginning. From then on he started working on Naruto Utakata. But Itachi cannot use the Mangekyou Sharingan, as he reports to Naruto, to calm him down a bit. Naruto is now trying to dissolve the gene jutsu with a trick that Jiraiya once showed him. It also works for a while as some of the Itachi crows dissolve. Itachi then realizes that Naruto has really gotten better, but Itachi says that it is still not enough and lets more crows attack Naruto, who turn into shuriken and injure Naruto. Naruto still tries to dissolve the gene jutsu and does not allow himself to be distracted. But then half of his face turns into Sasuke's face, who announces Naruto to kill him now. Naruto loses control of one of his hands, which attacks and strangles himself. The head of Sakura appears out of Naruto's belly, making Naruto feel guilty that he didn't manage to bring Sasuke back to the village. Kakashi's head now grows out of Naruto's shoulder and says how disappointed he is in Naruto.

Finally, Gaara's eye appears on Naruto's other hand, making him feel further guilty. After a while, Naruto knows that he cannot break the gene jutsu and calls as loudly as he can for his friends to direct their chakra onto him so that he can get out of the gene jutsu. This works too and Naruto then stands next to Sakura and Chiyo while Kakashi continues to fight Itachi. Naruto asks about Itachi's doppelganger, but Sakura says he never made a doppelganger and Naruto shot his Rasengan in the air. Kakashi asks Naruto if he's all right and they can get serious. Kakashi attacks again, but Itachi tries to stop him with Katon: Housenka no Jutsu. Kakashi evades the individual fireballs, but Itachi now attacks the rest with Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. But Sakura, Chiyo and Naruto also avoid them. When the smoke clears from the fireball, Itachi sees Kakashi riding Raikiri by. Kakashi storms towards Itachi again, but he can easily evade the attack, but is then attacked by Naruto, who uses the Rasengan. Unfortunately, this was just a shadow double that Naruto destroyed, which is why he quickly retreats to the nearby forest and thinks about a new tactic. Suddenly the mist, which Kakashi generates through Kirigakure no Jutsu, appears.

Itachi says that while this is the right technique to stop genetic jutsu, it would be useless against the Sharingan and Kakashi should end the game of hide and seek. Kakashi then comes out from behind a tree and agrees. He throws three Kunais at Itachi, but it evades and counters again with Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. It looks like the fireball hit; in any case, Kakashi's fog is dissolving. But you can now see that there is a hole in the earth and that Kakashi is hiding in it. But not for long, because he appears right in front of Itachi and wants to hit him, but is held by Itachi. Itachi tries to hit him now, but Kakashi holds onto his other arm. Kakashi looks straight into Itachi's eye and is then in a gene jutsu. In this, Kakashi is as flat as a piece of paper and then catches fire, but Kakashi remains cool and doesn't show anything. Itachi is not surprised, as he now knows that this Kakashi is only a shadow double. The real kakashi emerges from the hole.

Kakashi tells Naruto not to watch his doppelganger and attack Itachi. Naruto understands this and is now using his new technique, Oodama Rasengan. However, Itachi smiles when the jutsu hits him. After the explosion, Naruto and Co. want to convince themselves that Itachi has been defeated and go to the body, but have to find out that it was not Itachi, but Yuura, who they had fought against.


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