Which is the best steam iron

Steam iron test 2021: With these models you declare war on wrinkles

In our steam iron test, we put 10 popular steam irons under the microscope for you. Do you sometimes stand in front of gigantic mountains of laundry and wonder how you can remove them quickly and efficiently? Are you sometimes desperate and want to finish ironing as quickly as possible? Then you need a good steam iron that will make all of the ironing chores a routine. You will experience that burden can become joy - if you have the right tools for it.

Steam iron test 2021: With these models you declare war on wrinkles
Steam iron test 2021: With these models you declare war on wrinkles

Ironing without steam is a struggle

Ironing with steam is a matter of course nowadays - but that wasn't always the case: The first irons were heated with glowing coals from the oven, and the work was correspondingly difficult - and dangerous - After the "dry" electric iron, the first steam iron was a major technical advancement, because the hot steam ensures that the creases in the laundry can be smoothed out noticeably faster and more sustainably. Nowadays, the handy steam irons are only surpassed by ironers and steam ironing stations, which are, however, considerably more expensive. Ironing stations are suitable for large households with a lot of laundry, while steam irons are best for smaller households and comparatively little ironing.

This is how we tested the steam iron

In our steam iron test, we put the devices under the microscope in various test categories. We examined:

  • quality
  • Ease of use and functionality
  • Ergonomics and
  • Ironing results

First of all, we examined the housing, handles, existing switches and connection cables of the respective iron on all tested devices. We checked whether all devices have a safety shutdown. In addition, in our iron test, we determined how a burst of steam and permanent steam proved to be effective in practical use. We took into account the size of the water tank of the respective device and awarded plus points for larger tanks. With regard to practical use, we tested how easily the iron's switches can be reached, whether the handle fits well in the hand and whether the iron is stable. We took items of laundry made from different fabrics, ironed them with each of the steam irons tested and carefully examined the respective ironing results. We compared the fabrics used after ironing with each iron.

Test results

steam ironadvantagesdisadvantage

Braun TexStyle 7
TS 775 ETP

  • long cable
  • six different
    Steam levels
  • high quality
  • large water tank
  • Scale for the water level
  • very broad
  • Risk of burns
    Use of too much steam

AEG DB 1730

  • lightweight construction
  • compact handling
  • easy handling
  • Tank is difficult to open

Tefal Easygliss Plus

  • very good refillability of the
    Tanks through a refill opening
  • automatic steam adjustment
    on ironing
  • only short cable
  • Turbo button when ironing

Philips Azure

  • of high quality
  • easy descaling
  • large refill opening

Philips Azure
Performer Plus

  • large water tank allows
    persistent ironing
  • powerful bursts of steam possible
  • good, permanently lasting
  • Drip stop
  • something difficult in the

Tefal Ultimate
Pure FV9844

  • large water tank
  • Cable length
  • short warm-up time
  • high price
  • Braking soleplate

Severin BA 3243

  • cheap price
  • good freedom of movement
  • Water tank
  • Turbo button is at
    Ironing in the way


  • Residual heat indicator
  • large filling opening
  • cable too short
    impractical cable winding

Tefal Ultragliss

  • scratch-resistant soleplate
  • good sliding properties of the

Bosch Sensixx‘x
DA50 Edition Rosso

  • easy cleaning
  • good ironing results
  • powerful burst of steam
  • flexible swivel joint
  • processing
  • big, heavy,
    clunky construction

Braun TexStyle 7: Our test winner with a large water tank and even steam distribution

The Braun TexStyle 7 TS 775 ETP convinced us in every respect in our steam iron test. Not only the large water tank with a capacity of 400 milliliters, but also the large filling opening and an additional water level indicator are the highlights of this iron. The anodized soleplate has numerous openings through which the water vapor can be evenly distributed over the items of clothing that are to be smoothed. You can set six different levels with an additional steam regulator. We recommend that you use the medium setting for all normal ironing work. However, you still need a second hand to set the steam control. You will find two buttons under the steam regulator that can be easily pressed. The left button is the spray button, while the right one releases the 200 gram burst of steam. The Braun TexStyle7 has an open, rubberized handle that prevents it from slipping. However, the iron is not so secure because it only has a small footprint. The swivel joint of the cable is not that smooth, especially since the iron handle is a bit in the way. The temperature regulator and the closure of the filling opening for the water also require a little force.

The Braun iron has a high steam output and accessories

A burst of steam can only take place at the highest level and for a maximum of 30 seconds. However, the “precision shot” enables pre-steaming of your clothes to be ironed. To do this, you have to press the steam button about three to four times. By quickly pressing the steam button, you get a powerful burst of steam with which you can steam the garment vertically. The “Vario Plus Steam” function allows you to generate additional steam at the highest level for 30 seconds. To do this, press the steam regulator. The instruction manual of the TexStyle 7 TS 775 ETP has many sketches, which makes it appear a bit cluttered and confusing.

The iron has an anticalc system with an anti-calc valve located under the button for the bursts of steam. To remove, you have to turn the button all the way to the right. If you want to clean the valve, soak it in vinegar or citric acid for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.

A smart extra with the TexStyle 7 TS is the ironing shoe, which replaces an intermediate cloth and prevents heat damage. Thanks to the special coating, there are no shiny spots when ironing. You can easily attach the ironing shoe to the iron and remove it again. Another accessory is a water cup, which however does not have a scale.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS 775 ETP: Conclusion

Overall, the TexStyle 7 TS 775 ETP meets the highest demands. Its soleplate is very smooth and glides comfortably over T-shirts at the lowest level. However, some steam is needed here, as T-shirts will not get the desired smoothness without steam. Shirts and sweaters will be nice and smooth when using level 2. Linen and heavy fabrics should be ironed on a higher level. Sweaters were wonderfully ironed on level 3 with a high steam setting at the same time. The steam iron can use tap water up to a hardness of 3 millimoles. However, if the water is harder, you should add distilled water.

The test winner Braun TexStyle 7 is characterized by the following plus points:

  • good workmanship
  • large selection of different steam levels
  • large water tank

Severin BA 3243: our price-performance winner

The price-performance winner of our steam iron test, the Severin BA 3243, is in the same price segment as the AEG DB 1730. However, its water tank only contains around 200 milliliters, which is why you have to refill water more often. The low weight of just 1.1 kilograms and the compact dimensions of the device are positive. The ceramic soleplate has 40 outlets, which permanently release 30 grams of steam per minute. The steam boost of 70 grams per minute ensures excellent ironing performance.

The control dial has care label symbols and enables you to set the correct temperature quickly, easily and continuously. As a special detail, the Severin BA 3243 shines with its swiveling cable kink protection. This grants you safe handling of the iron and at the same time gives you great freedom of movement. So you can iron your laundry without any annoying tangled cables. With the Severin BA 3243 you get an inexpensive, light and compact iron.

The test results of the other steam irons

Our test winner and our price-performance winner convince with a good overall package and a low price. However, we checked other candidates as part of our steam iron test. Below you will find descriptions of the other steam irons we have tested.

AEG DB 1730 Easyline: The lightweight device for easy ironing

The AEG DB 1730 Easyline is characterized by its low weight and compact dimensions in our steam iron test. With its almost one kilogram, you can easily handle your ironing. With the ceramic soleplate you can reach all corners and edges of your laundry and easily get around buttons. 26 outlets for steam enable the constant release of 30 grams of steam per minute as well as a burst of steam of 80 grams.

The simple, easy handling of the AEG DB 1730 Easyline and the buttons for a burst of steam and fine spray convinced us in our steam iron test. The residual heat indicator changes from red to black as soon as the soleplate has reached a temperature of below 40 degrees. You can then safely stow the iron away.

Tefal Easygliss Plus FV5736: With high quality housing for easy gliding

The Tefal Easygliss Plus FV5736 convinced us in our steam iron test, above all, with its gliding properties. The smooth Durilium Airglide sole turned out to be the absolute front runner in our comparison. First of all, the blue and white plastic housing is striking, which makes the Tefal Easygliss Plus appear timeless and at the same time high quality. The soleplate moves smoothly and the powerful burst of steam even smooths stubborn wrinkles. The weight of 1.2 kilograms is comfortable and you can start ironing quickly with a warm-up time of around 30 seconds. With the different levels you will achieve perfect results when ironing T-shirts, shirts and trousers.

The highlight of the Easygliss Plus FV5736 is the automatic steam output. The lever for the burst of steam with 220 grams is located on the inside of the handle. The button for the spray function is under the steam regulator. The operating light is attached above the cable. The 1.8 meter cable is relatively short. But it can easily be wound around the wide base.

The iron has a detailed, well-illustrated instruction manual. It can only be used with tap water. The safety shutdown causes a shutdown after eight minutes if the iron is upright and after 30 seconds if it is on an item of laundry.

Philips Azur GC4537: Effortless ironing without limescale

The Philips Azur GC4537 has a large filling opening and a removable limescale container in which the limescale collects. You can simply rinse this container under running water. However, the large water tank with its 300 milliliters capacity makes it relatively heavy. The plus point of our steam iron test is the easy filling of the water tank and the good workmanship of the device. The power is 2,400 watts and the iron needs about 40 seconds to heat up.

In our steam iron test, we particularly liked the temperature wheel on the Philips Azur GC4537. You can also turn the wheel without looking. You can see on the adjusting wheel which temperature level you can use with which material. The stand of the Philips Azur is secure. The device has a good cable rewind. With a steam output of 45 grams per minute, the Steam Glide soleplate glides effortlessly over the laundry. Switches, dials and buttons are easy to reach. The operating instructions are rather brief and richly illustrated. There is no safety shutdown which, according to our test, meant that the iron was still hot after ten minutes of non-use.

Philips Azur Performer Plus: Simply chic

The Azur Performer Plus from Philips convinced in our steam iron test with its SteamGlide soleplate with a titanium layer, including a six-layer, scratch-resistant coating. The water tank has a capacity of 300 milliliters and is easy to fill. At 2,600 watts of power, the Azur Performer Plus creates an even 50 grams of steam pressure per minute. The adjustment wheel for temperature and steam is easy to use. The buttons for the spray function and an additional steam boost of 220 grams allow the removal of stubborn creases.

The iron has an anti-limescale system with an integrated limescale container that collects limescale particles during the ironing process. The container does not have to be removed because the limescale particles are washed out of the iron during the self-cleaning process.

The Azur Performer Plus is particularly suitable for frequent ironers, has maintenance-free and trouble-free technology and, thanks to its black-transparent housing, even looks chic.

Tefal Ultimate Pure FV9844 with an elegant design

After evaluating our steam iron test, we consider the Ultimate Pure FV9844 to be the most visually appealing. The iron has an elegant shape with an ergonomic handle. All switches and controls are easy to reach and easy to use.

The blue design tempts you to shout “Allez les Bleus”. Connoisseurs will immediately notice the French origin of the Pure FV9844.

The weak point, however, was the Durilium soleplate, which, contrary to our expectations, did not slide over the textile fabric as optimally as we had hoped. 56 active steam outlet openings on the side edge as well as in the middle of the sole and at the tip enable maximum steam distribution. With its 3,200 watts of power, the iron ensures a permanent steam output of 60 grams per minute and an extra burst of steam of 250 grams. The water tank with a capacity of 350 milliliters is one of the largest of our test devices. Self-cleaning and the anti-limescale system of the device are perfectly solved. A permanent filter in the back can be easily removed and cleaned.

AEG DB 1740LG Easyline makes ironing easy

The AEG DB 1740LG Easyline convinced us in our steam iron test as a true lightweight: It weighs just 800 grams.

The supplied cup and the large filling opening allow you to easily fill the water tank with 250 milliliters. The tank also gives you a view of the water level. The regulator for the steam levels is difficult to turn. Likewise, the temperature wheel only reacts to force and is also quite loud. The swivel joint of the cable allows only a single movement from top to bottom. The cable cannot be wrapped around the stand. Instead, it keeps falling.

There are two buttons under the handle of the AEG DB 1740LG Easyline. The left button activates the burst of steam and the right the spray function. The operating instructions contain an ironing table as well as recommendations for the respective ironing levels for different fabrics. The steam iron can be filled with tap water. According to the manufacturer, distilled water or a mixture of 50:50 can also be used.

In our steam iron test, the AEG showed good results. All levels scored points in the test. The steam boost of 110 grams and the fast heat-up time have proven to be particularly good. However, the device does not have a safety shutdown. The ceramic sole is also not quite as smooth as the other models in our test. There is a signal strip at the tip of the iron and the practical residual heat indicator shows the temperature of the soleplate. With black the sole is cool, with red it is hot.However, an unpleasant odor spread from the ceramic soleplate, which did not disappear even after repeated use. The setting for self-cleaning is on the right on the steam regulator. To do this, simply let the iron run empty with the tank full over the sink.

Tefal Ultragliss FV4920: Solid performance

There are three devices from Tefal in our steam iron test. A simple and at the same time popular version is the Ultragliss FV4920 steam iron. It is a solid model that is in the mid-price segment. According to our test, its Durilium soleplate glides even better over the fabrics than the Ultimate Pure. The Durilium technology of this device is mature and guarantees excellent results and excellent scratch resistance.

There are a total of 70 active steam outlet openings in the middle of the soleplate, on the side edge and at the top. In this way, the Tefal Ultragliss FV4920 ensures maximum steam distribution. The device has an output of 2,400 watts. It enables a permanent steam of 40 grams per minute. In addition, there is a burst of steam of 140 grams and the water tank holds 270 milliliters. However, with its weight of 1.6 kilograms, it is the heaviest device in our steam iron test.

Bosch Sensixx‘x DA50 Edition Rosso: A power pack

The Bosch Sensixx‘x DA50 Edition Rosso convinced in our steam iron test with its remarkable power of 3,000 watts. The device is able to generate a powerful burst of steam of 200 grams. To do this, simply press the left button, wait five seconds and press it again. With the right button you can spray the item of laundry to be ironed with water if the creases are too stubborn.

However, the case is not made quite as high-quality. When pressed together, the handle creaks and the temperature wheel is a bit loud when it is adjusted. The clean button, which enables descaling, is located on the right above the temperature wheel. The Bosch DA50 has four steam levels that are difficult to adjust. The steam switch is difficult to reach with one hand because the buttons for the burst of steam and spray function are in between. The water tank holds 300 milliliters. An LED display on the left of the device tells you whether the steam iron is heating up. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up. Be careful not to scald yourself as the steam from the device is very powerful.

With a weight of 1.4 kilograms and a bulky-looking design, longer ironing becomes on the wrist over time. However, the power of the device enables ironing to be done quickly.

The water tank empties fairly quickly during the ironing process. Not ideal: There is apparently no safety shutdown because the iron is still very hot even after a long period of inactivity.

Good: There is a small plastic tab on the stand that holds the 2 meter long cable in place after it has been rolled up. The device has several AntiCalc functions, SelfClean, Calc’n Clean and an AntiCalc cartridge. The iron cleans itself when you turn up the steam regulator and with the Calc’n Clean function you empty the water tank with the clean button.

What should you look for when buying an iron?

First, ask yourself what demands you have on a device and how much money you want to spend on it. With our test results you will find that good quality does not automatically mean a high price and that small money is often enough.

Pay attention to everything related to the steam being generated. These include the water tank, its size, the amount of steam emitted in grams and a permanent steam output per minute. According to our steam iron test, the Braun TexStyle 7 has the largest water tank with 400 milliliters. The Tefal Ultimate Pur dominates with its permanent steam boost of 60 grams, but it also has its price. Even irons with rather low values ​​have a strong burst of steam, such as the AEG DB 1740LG.