Backdating blog posts is a good idea

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I suspect this is related to the other post we were working on, but a new issue this time.


So that you get support for the request, I would recommend that you or your developer post the problem in our developers forum. Our own developers as well as customers are active in the forum to support each other. The Developers Forum would be in English, but it seems like your developer is also in English.


For the post, I would recommend including the following information:

  • Which API is used (I suspect the "Submit data to a form" API)
  • Request url
  • Method
  • Headers
  • Server response
  • Body / payload
  • Do you see error messages?

In this case, does "entry date" mean the "create date" of the contact?


I also did some research and found the following statement in the Submit data to a form documentation:

  • Grade: When backdating a form submission'ssubmittedAt timestamp value, the contact's Original Source value may be affected if the contact's first page view is after thesubmittedAt timestamp value.

Otherwise I suspect that the "submission timestamp" is not set correctly. A similar problem is addressed in this post.


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