Are you a team player

Are you a team player?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

How do you feel about teamwork? In your opinion, what makes good teamwork? (or) What does teamwork mean for you?
How do you see yourself in a group?

This is meant

Teamwork is becoming more and more important in our company. The willingness to work with others and the ability to "get involved" in a group has therefore become an important selection criterion in job interviews. Specifically, it is about a positive basic attitude towards teamwork and the experiences that have already been made. At the same time, the person you are speaking to is interested in what kind of person you are: rather extrovert or introvert? Would you rather be a lone fighter or a group person?

This is how you should answer

Willingness to work in a group is the least you need to express here. Your comments on this must clearly show that you have understood what is important: Neither to be "good friends" with everyone, nor that you spend every free minute with each other, but rather that it serves the cause . The following essentials can serve as a guide: Efficient collaboration that is based on the particular strengths of the team members; shared responsibility for an overarching purpose; Tolerance and trust; Exchange of information and communication within the group; constructive conflict management with the aim of finding common solutions; systematic and results-oriented way of working; friendly tone, but serious when it comes to work and the matter at hand.

Typical roles of team members are, for example: mediator, helper, leader, speaker, initiator, professional expert, cooperative member, referee. The most important thing here is the position in question: the manager or the spokesperson is more likely to take on management tasks, research tasks are more suited to the specialist expert or the initiator.


Your answer shows whether and how extensively you have dealt with the topic of teamwork. The more credible you make your willingness to work in a team, the better.

Questions about work ethic and motivation