Are GORUCK bags worth it

Crash-proof laptop bags for MacBook Pro for bikes?

I've never seen anything do this before. I've searched a lot over the years because I have both camera gear and laptops with me and also don't like the hammering they get when attaching them to the bike. My solution is insurance.

By and large, the problem is with the suspension. On your back, the load benefits from your soft, flexible body and your tendency to lift off the seat before encountering large bumps. The latter is key - no matter what suspension your pannier has, it will have to deal with a nice hard punch if you jump off a curb or through a pothole.

What I saw used is the Ortleib backpack, which is nice and waterproof and can use the padded laptop bag that is in it. You could use this sack in a case in your rack as intended, but even with a solid state drive, I expect your laptop to fail within 5mm of being in the case. It shouldn't be affected on your back. Also a decent courier bag (again Ortleib, Crumpler or other)

What I actually use is a standard bag with a homemade foam inside to cushion the laptop. That gives more padding than anything I've seen in stores, and it's cheap. Find a store that sells foam sheets, buy one the size of your luggage, and cut a slot in it to take your laptop with you. If you inevitably buy two panniers, the second will fill up with things and balance the load. Trust me on this point :) Mine has my wallet, breakdown kits and multitool, lunch, rain jacket, phone charger, I don't know, suffice to say it weighs at least as much as a laptop. And I only carry one suitcase and the offset weight is not a problem.

A hard case sheel that can withstand a crash will weigh a lot. There is some discussion in this answer: Safe storage for errands and in this question, have you ever seen a latch bag that could be attached to the bike?


By suspension you mean the suspension of the laptop in the bag, the suspension of the bike, the suspension of your back / body?


I will follow up your leads / links.


Oh ok. Thanks for your help.