Why is online business better than offline business

Online shop or offline business

Creating an online shop is easier than ever thanks to providers like 1 & 1. In contrast to an offline business, your own online shop offers the possibility of being able to offer products to customers anywhere and at any time. Thus, the group of potential customers expands many times over. But there are also good reasons that speak in favor of e-commerce in addition to an offline presence.

Online and offline?

The competition on the internet is great. Especially when it comes to technology and beauty, it is almost impossible for a newcomer to e-commerce to prevail against strong competitors, as customers prefer to fall back on well-known online shops that can offer articles at lower prices. The same principle still applies: get advice in the shop, but buy online. So if you set up an offline presence, you can offer your customers the opportunity to touch and try the goods before buying and then order online anyway. In addition, the expansion possibilities of an online shop are limited. The integration of an offline business into the business concept gives companies the chance to grow further. A step that Amazon, for example, recently dared to take.

Trend towards additional offline presence

Online shop plus offline business is a trend that can also be seen in the E-Commerce-Markt Deutschland 2014 study. 50.4 percent of online shops in Germany stated that they also operate one or more stationary shops in Germany. Other important sales channels are mobile websites and apps as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Catalogs or stationary shops abroad are also important, but live shopping, teleshopping or shopping clubs are not. The trend towards the second sales channel shows that a shop on the Internet alone is no longer enough.

Find balance

With a coherent business concept that combines online and offline channels, entrepreneurs can cater to all of the needs of their customers. To do this, however, the online shop must be very well connected to classic offline sales. Anyone who combines online and offline retail in a user-oriented manner creates a long-term concept that has a future. This is also shown by these good practice examples. Ultimately, however, it remains the same: only those whose goods or services stand out due to their unique selling points are also perceived by customers and can fight their way to the top of the market.
Source: Statista