What if women had penises?

Penis study: the question of size is complex

However, the relationship was not linear. That means: "If the penis size keeps increasing, that doesn't mean that the attractiveness increases with it", explained Mautz.

From a penis size of 7.6 centimeters (when not erect) the attractiveness decreased again according to the evaluations of the women.

In addition, height also played a role: "Large men with large penises were the most attractive compared to other sample figures," said Mautz.

However, why women prefer larger penises is not entirely clear. According to Mautz, however, studies have shown that women prefer a certain size because it can increase their sexual satisfaction.

The evolution of the penis

Since early humans did not wear clothes, the penises of men were clearly visible to women. So if they actually chose their partners on the basis of the size of the genitals, it is possible that these decisions favored the evolution of larger penises, as stated in Mautz ’study.

"We cannot say with certainty that female selection influenced the evolution of penis size," says Mautz, "but today size at least affects attractiveness."

(How the human penis lost its spines)

However, evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr. wrote in an email that the team's theory has some pitfalls.

For one thing, previous studies have shown that "the human penis is not a reliable indicator of the size of the erect penis," said Gallup. The researcher from the State University of New York in Albany was not involved in Mautz ’study.

In theory, in the early days of human history, women would have seen most penises only when they were not erect.