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Online Marketing Basics: Basics You Should Know

3. Online marketing takes time and expertise

A social media campaign or a content marketing strategy doesn't just happen on the side. Online marketing is a full-time job. The maintenance of the social media profiles should not be the job of the interns and the off-page optimization of a page should not be postponed until Friday afternoon. The implementation of a marketing strategy from which the company also benefits in the long term does not happen in passing and is not a task that a layperson should take on.

Especially companies that dare to take the first steps in the field of online marketing often underestimate how much time you have to invest at the beginning. It takes weeks, more often months, until the first campaigns are profitably optimized and SEO measures are fruitful. Patience is required, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Because a good Google ranking does not come overnight - you need perseverance in order to be able to register the first successes of optimization measures. At the end of the day, the efforts for it are over sustainable nature.

As mentioned above, in addition to time expenditure also know-how and technical expertise Underestimated factors - because accounts and profiles should be set up and supervised by professionals and by no means interns. You have to train employees, familiarize them with the most important online marketing basics and, under certain circumstances, obtain the necessary expert knowledge from external service providers. If your own marketing team is still inexperienced online, it makes sense to seek advice from a professional agency.