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twocityman - Urban expansion

I have now had to save quite a while in order to be able to buy the regional city warehouse. But then I realize that the same thing is in there as in the capital camp. It has robbed me of valuable building land and did not provide any additional storage space. What sense does it make then? I finally thought to be able to reschedule something and to be able to move items such as war material there until it is needed again. But basically I could have saved myself the purchase, right? I also think it's a shame that again there are only levels that can be built on. Why didn't you take the cliffs or the terraces with you to the building site? Cool hanging apartments or hotels could have been placed on the cliffs. Bangijumping or giant swings could have been offered as additional attractions. Great castles, new rivers and rafting attractions could have been placed on the terraces. The idea is not bad in itself, but this constant switching back and forth is annoying! And like most, I would have found it nicer if I had just been able to expand my capital city!

Discount Emperor - It's a shame, destroyed by updates, poor support

I've been playing for years. Sure, I also invested money, but everyone has to decide for themselves. It was always fun somewhere, but now it has been broken by updates and the fun of the game has been broken. There are too many competitions and then there's the weekly war when you're in a club. You just can't collect or produce that much material. It has become very time consuming. In addition, the opponents are vastly superior in the wars. The comparison in the war ranks is more and more correct. The last wars with the club could not be won because the opponent was too overwhelming. That is extremely frustrating. I had already written to the support that something would have to change. Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer even after weeks. The only thing that came after 3 days that you should rate the support. That is not without a certain irony. Sure, you want to keep gamers in the game and it's best for them to buy. But do you always have to be so greedy? Do you have to break such a good game? For my part, I have decided not to take part in this anymore and will quit the club and let the game rest. In our club, members are already starting to quit. Some members also said that there were too many fake profiles. That will probably be the case. Well, unfortunately it is so and quite disappointing.

Reystar1210765 - Great game, but ...

But one thing can mean a lot and especially in this game. And the mayors club is really great! However, we come to the but. Whenever I visit a teammate from my club, I always have to go back to my city before I can visit the next one. With the miserable search for the right expansion item, this is really annoying. Please dear developers; Optimize your club and travel from one club to another without having to go home first. (It works with FBfreunde too.) Another BUT !!!!! Still exist in the Club Wars. It's really fun that the clubs can fight; but when it becomes very scarce 6 hours before the end of the war; then the leader likes to sit in the nest that has been made and when everyone is under the umbrella they just sit out until the time is up. Is also stupid in the sense that those who are just before a new box can no longer reach it because there is no opponent to attack. Please introduce a point penalty for the last 6H if all stay under umbrella. Deduct 1000 points per hour.

diver-97 - Very nice game

I've known SimCity since the hour of its birth and after many years I came across the iOS version almost by accident. The game has developed well, the graphics and controls are just fun. Quickly in between or even longer at a time - everything is possible. I've had this app on my iPhone for quite a while now and it never gets boring. Of course, there are also suggestions for improvement: it would be great if you could not only tear down houses, but also move them to other areas. But that doesn't really work in the real world either. Regarding the in-app purchases: wretched discussion! In the past you bought the software for over 70 DM and nobody complained. Today a possible purchase is offered for 5.49 EUR and everyone complains. Anyway: it works without in-app purchases, but with it is simply much better. For me, this game is and will remain one of the recommendations for iOS

almost no battery - Sandbox mode

The game is fun but it's all so expensive and sometimes boring to farm, which is why I would like a sandbox mode where it is already programmed so that you can continue building in the right city ... for example, that you only have everything from the level from his real city (so I'm in normal mode level 11 so in sandbox mode I can only set things from level 11 and in sandbox mode I can't level). Or you can already level but you get a lot less XP ... Or just as you want it ... The main thing is that you can still play the normal mode! Otherwise the game might not make much sense ... also an idea would be that from a certain level in normal mode you can first activate the sandbox mode and then just do EVERYTHING that I want most and have fun would! * Anyway, in summary I just want a sandbox mode. * Therefore only 4 stars ...

Emerson-RB - Great graphics and fun

I think SimCity is very suitable as a performance and graphics demo for mobile Apple devices (iPads). The high-resolution richness of detail is impressive and because you can look at other locations with millions of residents of other players, it is absolutely fascinating, if not ingenious. With an iPad-pro of the 2nd generation you can scroll across it smoothly. And club wars? Success through war? I learned to read, they used napalm and “agent orange”, made 10 atom bomb tests a year - that was when the climate catastrophe began, not with diesel! Limestone cliffs; Kaktus-Canyan - the complete infrastructure is needed - water, sewage, electricity, police, medicine, education etc. and that for a few hundred residents who do not pay taxes !!!!! Only a few “thalers” come from the production of silk or crude oil. The income there is ridiculous and the road to growth is very rocky.

Evaluator 07 - Very good and no advertising introducer please

I've only been playing the game for a few days, but I'm already level 7 and I'm having a lot of fun. Can't say anything bad so far. I just think that the graphics are not as good or not nearly as good as in the advertisements. The streets look very, very fake and also a bit blurry. (If you zoom in further away you don't see that anymore and that's no reason to subtract a star) Hopefully it stays that way and please, please, no advertising. I am glad that there is no advertising in this game and I would really like to keep it that way. Otherwise I can only give 3 stars and will probably delete the game.

Margot😈 - It used to be better

Overall, it's actually a very good game. Played it for a couple of years now and haven't spent a dime on it. You can make good progress without InApp purchases, but it takes a long time - but that doesn't bother me, on the contrary. It is stupid that at some point you automatically accumulate an extremely large number of Simoleons, which you can hardly do anything with, because the great special buildings etc. can almost all only be acquired with Simcash, keys or platinum keys; the latter can only be obtained through the mayor's competitions, in which, to do well, you often have to take part in the war. And war is annoying. I would rather have more space to build and more different houses than more and more gadgets that distract from the real purpose of the game.

Ronnoc2w - I had a question

I think this is a great game there are limitless possibilities and a lot of fun at the beginning (or in the middle) it is quite difficult and you really want to spend money while it is possible to play without money and is quite a pastime. But I still have one question if you play together and someone is at a higher level and has a lot of money and you couldn't build a Simoleons donation system yourself, so you choose an amount you want to donate and then the name of the village when the simoleons are to be donated. Would be really cool if you could implement this idea, otherwise thanks to the developers and programmers. 🙂

Redddddi17 - supply and demand

Very good game, but unfortunately the creators apparently did not understand important free market rules. If there could be free price formation in the trading center, then the market clearing price would automatically be formed and there would be no oversupply or lack of certain products. Unfortunately, there is an arbitrary upper and lower limit on market prices, which leads to market failure. For some products, the maximum price is set too low, which leads to excess demand and thus a lack of supply (rare objects, boards, etc.). For other products, the minimum price is clearly too high and thus there is a surplus of supply and the market is not cleared (pizza, burgers, etc.).

So here in the game, the advertising is really worthwhile because I played it on my other cell phone and the advertising really made it further.My problem now is that I don't get any advertising so I don't get an offer to look at something and get a reward for it. I see it with many of my friends who get adverts and make progress much faster than me and I find that a bit unfair because I don't even have the chance to get ahead faster because I am not offered any adverts

Alex goes pro - New: personal war rank

The new features (personal war rank, minimum requirements for club applications) are a good thing. Personally, as the club president, I am better able to determine and implement member acquisition. Unfortunately, my club is very keen on war and we rely on active warmonger members. I would like to see the personal rank of war with internal and external club players !!! As a suggestion for improvement: Click on club members / players and then the war rank should also be displayed under competition rank. Some space is still available in the layout !! Please implement !!

AceAtack - Great game, fair business model

I am really excited. The gameplay is the same as ever. Enriched with various competitions and extra tasks, there is nothing to complain about. I've been playing for weeks and haven't been forced to spend any money. And because that is the case, I have invested a few euros and am not ruling out that for later. Live and let live, that's all I say. Thank you for this great overall package

Slimshady2008de - Simcity

Really a great game to pass the time and lots of fun. I have an idea for an app extension and that would be an app where you can only trade with other players. Where, for example, you can buy and sell items of war or resources or needs, if you want to sell or buy something quickly to find things faster, maybe even a search option! Then in the game you don't have to go city to city and find certain things. Kudos to them, really great game.

Jost64 - Mayor pass

Since the mayor's pass has existed, the competition has been relatively uninteresting. In the previous season you could start again in the community league at the start of the season. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. If you don't want to move up to a higher league, because you can no longer achieve a price in it with regular jobs, you are forced to do just a little bit so that you don't move up. According to the chat, others in my club also have the problem of being slowed down. It would be better if you could choose between the old season or the mayor pass or a combination of the two. But the mayor's competition is relatively boring.

Waldemar87 - Makes a lot of fun!

There is only one shortcoming: For about a week, the same video has apparently been offered over and over again to dust off objects, but the game hangs up every time it tries to play the video. This is very annoying as I like to watch the videos to get rare items. Since these apparently have to be processed, the error kills some of the gaming fun, especially since the video pops up again every 2-3 minutes ... 😕

sasulli - Proposal for further development

It's a great game. I have a suggestion regarding the trading center. Couldn't you design it in such a way that you first make a selection which goods you need? You often have to wait a long time to find the right one. It would be better if you first select the goods and then get the offers of the other players displayed. The advantage here would be that you save a lot of time and progress faster at your own level. Would be nice if you could implement it.

Bsee72 - Manipulated, Cheaters and Fakecities

I actually like the game and have been playing it for years. In the meantime, Electronic Arts was manipulating the game more and more. Actually, everything is manipulated with the purpose of spending real money. Or is it a coincidence that 80 war deliveries only include one urgently needed hydrant? Certainly not. Unfortunately, this runs through the whole game when it comes to items for the expansion of the building area, mountains, etc. Of course, there are almost never the things that you need at the trade headquarters. And if your own warehouse is full and you can't buy anything, the suddenly used goods are often available in the headquarters ... of course, you should invest money to expand your own warehouse via the many in-app offers .. Also this is not a coincidence. There are cities at war that are robots, i.e. fake cities. Have infinite resources. It's no longer fun. And there are still many hacked cities on the way that cavort in the wars. I think the game cost me several hundred euros. It is enormously disappointing that the manufacturer intervenes so negatively for the user.

Rahebell - Cumbersome remodeling

The game is very suitable for people who like to build villages, build cities or anything else like that. However, since day 1 I have had a problem that is very, very, really very preoccupying ... Notwithstanding the rebuilding of the city, it gives me a headache every time when looking at certain new buildings such as Store shops or factories one by one and dismantle the streets, move houses, hotels or apartments, police stations, fire stations, etc. to one side and then start all over again with the whole measurement process, and you cannot even cover the entire area Use the quiet because there are lots of buildings etc. on the area. In addition, I think it assi that the number of inhabitants drops drastically and it is not really easy to get back to the same number. Therefor at least 2 stars away. PLEASE FOR IMPROVEMENT Otherwise, I find the game relatively pleasant and can only recommend it to those who love building.

SunnyIron0815 - A really good game in itself

I played it years ago and loved it. Now I have a tablet again and I play it again. But I still lack a search function in the trading center for the items that I urgently need. That bothered me back then that I had to wait 30 seconds for ages before I could update and then see that everything I didn't need was available. When what I need is in there, I am told in the city of the seller that it has been sold ... I don't find it so sparkling now.

Pitty1404 - Error message

The game is actually quite good, only that there is always an error message even though you are connected to the Internet

dm 2.2009 - Great graphics, great idea but ...

I think the production of nails and boards etc. takes too long, it usually takes half an hour to finish a nail, which is a shame.

Devin A. - Great game but ...

The game is really great and it's fun to play the mayor. A big but is that I cannot access my trading center. The trading center is used to purchase items from other players. Since I cannot do this, I always have to wait a long time before I can improve a house, as it often takes a long time to produce the necessary raw materials. When I try to open the trading center, it says that I currently cannot access it.Is it because I haven't reached the required level or because there is a problem? I'm already level 15. I would appreciate a quick response.

Fan 747377474747848388484 - update

Unfortunately, the update also had a negative effect. Suddenly the cactus limestone and sun island Simoleons appear in my capital city. Before the update, I was able to make my cities smaller, but unfortunately it hardly works anymore. The overview is missing here.

Selina 1111 - Can help me

I haven't been playing the game that long am only level 10 the problem is that I can sell things normally but can't buy anything from other people because when I go to the center it always says not available?

ihifjfi8581; - Just started again

I am at level 7 at the moment and have small problems with the water. Simcity has been running very smoothly and well again for some time. This is not my first time playing Simcity, so I know that you can play it well without money. My only criticism is that waiting times are a bit excessive. Otherwise there is actually nothing to complain about. If possible I would give four and a half stars because the point of criticism is not very big and rarely bothers me. Otherwise I am satisfied.

Engholmsen - Runs smoothly again

After a dry spell of a few months, during which the game was barely playable, SimCity has been running smoothly again since a few updates. Anyone who likes building simulations will have a lot of fun. Lots of attention to detail, very nice graphics and lots of challanges that keep you happy. The club, mayor challenges and club wars bring a lot of variety. Those who don't feel like wars or club activities are not forced to take part.

ewdyfp - Indescribable ...

…Well . There is almost nothing to complain about. Only I have the game on another device and I'm far there, but I can't continue playing because I'm supposed to update, but my app store has been deleted. So it would be great if such updates are voluntary. And apart from the fact that you have a price limit when selling things (which doesn't seem very realistic because we are all shaped by capitalism), everything else is very good

qr code painter germany - Great and stupid

The whole game is super structured and the graphics are also pretty good, since the only thing that could be improved would be that when you go offline, the last production in the factory continues to work and even when the warehouse is full, for example. Sold for very little money in the game So you still make sales even if you are not online! I would be really happy if you heed it! My friends also play it in have the same opinion

# enjoy-your-life - Great game, but it's even better: Suggestion👇🏻

I think it's a really nice game - a great way to pass the time. I still have a suggestion for improvement, on the one hand: you could do the police, fire brigade, school and means of transport just like z. b the water tower so that it goes to capacity. For example, if you need fire protection for 38 houses, you build so many fire stations that the capacity is at least 38. That would be really cool if it could be improved. On the other hand, you don't have enough money at level 10, you want to buy everything right away, but education and the bus station are so expensive - it would be cool if you could do it cheaper. But otherwise really nice, recommendable game

: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) - Five stars, but ...

I've been playing simcity for a while and it's really a great game, but you can never find what you need at the trading center. So you could do it in such a way that you enter which product you want and then the cities that offer the product are displayed. Otherwise the game is really great and the one with the trading center is the only thing that I don't think is so good. Hats off to the developers of simcity and Sims! (and thanks that simcity and Sims freeplay are free) 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

D3MBO '. - Perfect game

Doesn't let go of you. In the beginning it was very difficult to get everything under one roof as you earn little and have to buy everything.

The game itself is great fun (apart from the graphics, which do not show correct shadows), but it is just too difficult to build all the needs such as sewage disposal or fire stations, because either the buildings are too expensive or it is too difficult to get money . This point in particular should be revised a lot, otherwise you will actually have money problems at some point in the game.

fifa 340 - Development of the areas

It would be very nice if it could also be built along the motorway or next to the airport. And one more point, it would be really great if, like in sim City 5, you have 5 projects and 10 large projects, for example, that would make sim City on the mobile phone a lot more interesting than it already is. But otherwise it is a well-made game to play I wish that it comes soon Thank you 🙏

axel the leahmann - A wonderful game but ...

I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I recently stopped watching videos to get the extra goods or to speed up my production. When it comes to sonatas, the game is top notch and without a doubt one of the best games currently available in this genre in the free market. The mayor campaigns but also a free game is always possible without paying any money. Sure, you need patience here and there, but honestly, it is worth every second to wait. I would now just like to be able to see the videos again then I would give 5 out of 5

121212121233211 - Bad

The game itself is good, but endless upgrades and expansions that quickly come to a standstill. Constantly you have to build buildings for electricity, water, garbage, sewage, health, police, fire brigade, etc. where there is not enough money because everything comes one after the other. The game is designed in such a way that you can only make slow progress from level 6 onwards, many want to continue playing because the manufacturers take advantage of this for a few days and ask to sell usury packets to the cash register so that you can get further faster. The same applies to the expansion of the card with the special elements required for this. In the trading center you will never find what you need, specially made so that you should use real money! Such useless games where a lot of time and money can be consumed cannot be welcomed, even if it's for children! I would have given zero stars. You can get ahead even without real money, but you would have to play several hours a day where the game already consumes a lot of battery because you have to be permanently connected to the Internet in order to be able to use all functions. No install its Big ly Game!

Ichda2 - Well - build with loot boxes

Constantly new collection currencies, keys, gems, various currencies and then everything just to squeeze as much real money out of the player as possible. The great virtual buildings or decorative stuff are sometimes grotesquely overpriced. You can do a lot of it with - a lot! - Compensate for a lot of time. But then the hand movements are also very repetitive. Manufacture raw materials, wait, manufacture intermediate products, wait, wait ... and by the time you get to the end product you need for the building upgrade, the algorithm has changed the order! I only happened once !! On the plus side there is a lot of pretty graphics with a few nice effects on the tablet.

Nice game, but improvements possible. Unfortunately it is very difficult to expand the urban area. You need too many things that are hard to come by. Things to trigger disasters are also hard to buy. A search function would be desirable here. Maybe one of the next updates can be installed so that something can be ordered by "drone delivery" (e.g.). Then there is also 5 *

The new worlds are really great, but unfortunately the number of populations does not generate taxes. You build and build but you don't get anything positive in return. In the capital I get taxes for every inhabitant and unfortunately not in the “secondary worlds”. But you have to build everything like police stations, parks, etc.! So a lot of effort for zero money;) Otherwise the game is pretty awesome and has been for a few years. But please improve the income.

The game is just fun .. as I mentioned above, almost perfect, you just have to give the player the chance to save the buildings he has built in order to redesign his own city, for example. I think this function is fundamentally important. Maybe someone from the app developer is reading this. greetings

gurbetyeli - Too many crashes since the last update

Too many crashes since the last update

Super cool at the beginning a bit boring because from level 15 the mayor's competition is only activated. From level 6 coll. Otherwise cool updates 😀. Addicting 🎮🎮🎮🎮👎👎 Is very difficult to stop because, for example, you have to wait until things are ready. I recommend setting a timer for longer things. It also brings more to play every hour than several hours in a row !!!!!!!!

1000sassa - Top class game

For a few years the game has not let me go. Unfortunately, for a few weeks now, one has been forced to look at advertisements for raw material production. Please do not start this automatically, but let the user decide whether he would like the advertising in order to receive raw materials faster! Many Thanks!

Taquanghai - On the go

Great occupational therapy for my kids when we're out and about

RMEYHH - Crashes after the last update

Since the last update, the app crashes very often after visiting the commercial center. Very annoying!

The game is fun but making things like seeds or boards take too long. Would be nice if you would make it shorter 🙂 And it would also be perfect if you could have the possibility to make all buildings into a warehouse and then to place them again if you are no longer satisfied with how you built the city, which is the case with me and if that doesn't exist then it takes a long time until I rebuild everything 🙂

Rolandus G. - Great graphics, little fun!

Really great graphics and many lovingly designed districts if you look around at the neighbors. But that's about it: An infinite number of tasks have to be solved in order to maneuver through countless levels, which then always require your own investments. I would like a mode where you can unlock everything for a fixed amount and build your city like a railway system without any tasks. Why is there no such thing today? Why does every game have to be crammed with annoying tasks? Nobody needs to be surprised when adults who do not want to deal with game strategies for half their lives completely disengage themselves from the game market!

Salmy78 - With war and destruction in the high class ??

With the many war games on the web and in the store, I was really happy about my “old PC game” in the store. I've actually been playing for a while, I've already invested “real money”, after all, every game in the store also costs money. But now I realize more and more that war and total destruction come more and more to bear. Only if you let this happen will your chances of being high on some lists, of winning points, rare objects and accelerators, increase. This shows that the game developers of Sim City, a great mayor's game, where a city can be built with a wealth of ideas, organization and methodology, are now promoting war, destruction and xenophobia. I want to distance myself from that. I think that's a shame, although I think the game is otherwise great.

CologneStorm - I miss eco.

Hello, the game is a lot of fun even though I'm not that far yet, but I have one complaint! From the beginning I set myself a goal to be a city with a lot of nature conservation and energy saving, but it is practically impossible because you have to build factories that emit pollutants and even if you want to have the city's electricity somewhat under control, you have to Build power plants. The wind power plants are much more expensive and produce less energy (which is also logical) but nevertheless it is a deficiency that urgently needs to be remedied!

--Raci-- - Commercial headquarters

The trading center does not work which is a shame, please fix it as soon as possible.

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Sophpl - Great but financially difficult

I immediately downloaded Sim City onto my iPad because it really interested me and I'm basically a big fan of administrative games. I was very enthusiastic about the game, but I find it almost impossible to please the citizens there I almost always had money problems (not enough coins), so it was not possible for me to build essential things like fire stations, and for a very long time I could not provide my city with police stations because there was simply no money that this game should give a real insight into the world of a mayor and therefore also into something like his financial worries, but unfortunately I had to uninstall the game again because I really couldn't equip my city with anything anymore, it doesn't have any wishes for any of them It was enough to reduce the mood of my residents enormously, and it also became a problem that the growth of my city meant I was getting more electricity, water, etc. From the time the fire brigade was built, I had money problems all the time, although it must be said that I have always used money sparingly and wisely, I only bought the bare essentials, and in the end I couldn't even see the park I think that's a shame, because it's basically a really great game. The bottom line of my text is that you simply have too little budget for the essentials. It really puzzles me how to get the 40,000 for the education department I didn't even have 40,000 before my financial crash! So I would advise either lowering the price of some facilities / shops / infrastructure, or paying the player more money for building houses, for example. Of course there are players who have no or hardly any money worries, but I just wanted to express my opinion.

flokerl h. - Great in principle

I played SIM City years ago on my first PC until it was gassed. That's why I've now downloaded the game for iPad. Great graphics, a lot to do as a mayor, many subgroups such as fire brigade, police, health, etc. but the biggest downer is that you can only get ahead really quickly and pay for it really. That spoils the joy of the game very much. Unfortunately.

Eeegor - WHAT'S IN Sim City?

First of all I wanna state that I love the concept of this game and in general it‘s an enjoyable simulation, were it not for the fact that the developers / creators implemented a war element as a means for cities to grow. This might be a true tool the "western world" uses but it still has nothing to do in a game and I condemn the propagation especially in a game that mostly also children will use. In this game I find the concept of attacking other cities, producing war-goods, etc. to be absolutely replaceable and I see no reason why the developers went along with this idea. It's time to stop this vicious cycle of normalizing wars as a means for growth.

Rjrjrhhrvrgshjdjfufowhejwofjru - No more was

Was ok playing for a while, even fun at times, now I don’t like it anymore. The concept of war makes no sense and is just stupid. Like, it doesn't belong in the game, just get rid of it. Throw it in the sea. It's super annoying with building the Paris and London houses. Have to wait I think 12hrs for each air delivery, and those houses are not even great anyway. So I didn't bother building more than 1 or 2 of each because it's a waste of time. It's super annoying that the zoom level doesn't go out that far and you have to (especially on the 10inch iPad) swipe so much to move around a big city. The city storage is so small and it takes such a long time to upgrade it. Expanding the city’s boundary makes me super crabby. It just irks me having to collect obscene amounts of those rare items for just a little square. End rant.

Fun game, until you unlock a certain level and have to go to war. That's not my sim city anymore.

Wall hole - Not a good game

This game is not recommended for fair players! EA does not take decisive action against cheaters, nor strengthen or protect the fair players! Also in competitions the winnings are made impossible, because cheaters give each other an abnormally high number of points and thus a fair win is made impossible! I have proven via screenshots that I was deprived of first place in the highest league, due to two cheats and ea has not yet granted the winnings to which I am entitled, nor admitted to being cheated! Rather, it is directed through an underqualified support that everything is forwarded and that no cheaters can be convicted due to data protection regulations and that the winnings are not paid out to the rightful winners, otherwise the cheating would be admitted !!!. Since this game does not make sense offline, it is not recommended! I've never been as excited about support as with this game, because this behavior makes all motivation disappear! So stop playing this game !!! Don't give cheaters a chance!

LuckyPete76 - Unfortunately no more Simcity

I have tried the game for 1 month now but unfortunately it is totally rip-off - you can buy everything easily but extremely dearly - that also makes the competitions totally unfair. In addition, it has nothing to do with the well-known Sim City - really a shame.

R012345678901 - Would be a great game if not!

1.) Offers are displayed in such a way that you unintentionally click on them! No return! 2.) In my opinion, wars do not belong in the gameplay! 3.) Watching advertisements for certain things and then not getting anything is not beneficial either! (Could also be a software error, but who knows.) I will continue to play the game until the 1 point happens again for the third time, then goodbye!

Doli86ooe - Basically top

The game is basically great. The main point to complain about is the new regions. You can expand everything, but you don't get any tax income for it. And the cost of the Neo Simoleons is too high

quassilandala monkey - improvements pls

It would make the game more interesting if you could get into debt

Niteman93 - A shame in advertising junk

In the beginning it's still fun and you think it's a great game. After 2 days, advertisements go on and on and last 30 seconds each time. You have no choice but to give yourself up to crap.Deleted my profile and kicked the game in the bin. As I said, a shame and wasted time.

Classic Pay2Win – Game, even if it's basically fun at the beginning, you quickly reach your limits.

In itself a great game but without cash it gets boring quickly (not recommended)

bzeilp - No progress

In and of itself, I like the game very much. Unfortunately, if you don't buy anything, it's very difficult to get ahead. I think it's a shame that EA is so greedy for money and that it spoils the joy of playing.

It's an EA game so pay or lose, nothing else to say about EA Games.

tgval123 - Devastating bug

Suddenly over 40,000 Sims show up with the reason that they don't have enough water, electricity, fire protection, health protection, police protection and there is not enough garbage incineration, even though everything looks great in all areas. Everything is really covered. For example, I built a large hospital that covers all the houses and yet, illogically, there are also red areas between the green areas. I was still 100% satisfied until this bug appeared, then I've fallen below 40%. Request for a solution!

tobi2009 9 - Please do

You can't level up so quickly

emil wagner - Not that long time for buildings please !!!

It's really cool game and fun the hacking is but that it takes an extremely long time to complete a building.

djukickicak - Interesting but expensive

It's free to download the game, but to be able to play and advance you have to pay a lot! Rip off.

____kerooooo - money problem

Without money, you can't really get ahead

Cheek this VU pass. Pure rip-off from EA. Just don't load this game! Use your time better and cheaper !!! EA has a player with 4 cities less! And I won't be the only one. EA encourages hackers and disadvantages everyone else. Why play SC 🤷‍♂️

marpleifer1234567891011 - time leaps

It would be cool if you could fast-forward the time and if you could take out loans from the bank. It would also be cool if you could give money to a member of the club. Would really improve the enjoyment of the game. Thank you ☺️

Schneckal27 - Hangs up

Since the last update, the game hangs up a lot :( I like to play it but it's really exhausting :(

Chri 1986 - Has not worked since the last update on my iPad!

🤯 Could she fix that ??

phase3_iC - Today's update broke the game

Since the update today the app is not able to start any more. Every time an error appears saying server time out error 60002.500.999. Please fix !!! THX;)

Have a quick look into the game for a few minutes to do the weekly tasks? No chance, you get really penetrative and UNQUESTED showered with promotional videos that you have to watch all the time to be able to play! If you want to accelerate something or get small rewards and then watch a video, that's okay because you do it voluntarily but not like that ...

Whenever I get to another region at the trade market or just go to a region in my own game, the game always gets on the nerves! Please fix, thank you

Ischbitz - It's fun and drains the battery

SimCity is great fun, but unfortunately the battery of my iPad runs out quickly and the iPad also gets very hot on the lower edge (or on the upper edge, depending on ...) Please touch up EA. Thanks, then there will be at least 4 stars.

bubble0405vienna - Wars and constant crash

I played SimCity as a child when it only had 2 colors ... but this game disappoints - keeps crashing - wars are not part of the Sims concept - you can only get ahead if you invest money

Karischdo - That's annoying

I can't go to the trading center and also not there to join the clubs, that's why 2 stars

kdkdnxj - Always crashes after update.

Stuck all the time.

ggggggrrrsssztt - problem

Unfortunately, the game hangs on the iPhone more and more often

AlejaBerth - Building up is only possible with money

In itself a great strategy game, nice graphics, has potential for addiction would not be the constant demand to obtain certain products in order to be able to continue building, which are rarely to almost impossible to earn unless you pay. Pay to win. The evaluation of the other members speaks volumes. Profit BEFORE customer satisfaction.

If you don’t pay you don’t get to the next level or advance at all ... that’s not sim city at all ... i would pay to buy the game once and play it like it was once intended! No waiting for stuff to be produced etc ... hate this new concept!

R.Fr. - Funny pastime

... where you can quickly spend minutes - but also battery power. Update for iPhon 11 Pro Max is missing!

Fayzen30 - Quite ok, but the chances of the videos are fake

The game is actually quite ok. But what is extremely annoying is the alleged chance to get a profit from the promotional videos. You always get three boxes and after watching a video you can open one. Most of the time there are good parts, but 95% of the time you don't get them, mostly just the rubbish. If three boxes are offered, it should be assumed that there is a 33% chance. This is 💯% not the case. Otherwise quite ok.

Dear Simon - Great game

Since I made the update for this game a few days ago, my game has been switched off and has to restart. Please help

Test bear - Nothing works on the iPad Air after the update

For normally a top game, unfortunately the game no longer works since the last update on the iPad. Game keeps crashing and the game closes itself

Hif * - New update does not work on I-Pad game crashes.

Still no bug fixed after 24 hours. 😡

In itself a very great game but I play it on a very new device and still I can't buy goods from other players, please revise this again

hello godmorniing - Goes so

Great game but very boring

milyrouge - Only focus is getting player to spend on SimCash

I used to love SimCity. It was a strategy game that required thought and planning which could captivate me for days. This version is no longer focused on the strategy, it's all about getting you to take the shorter route of buying your way out of issues. No more careful planning and growing your coffers, everything is centered around getting you to buy SimCash to get to the next step. Really disappointing and really expensive. One of the reasons I'm now avoiding in app purchases in all the games I buy.

I think the fire brigade, police etc. are way too expensive, please make them cheaper 😪😔😢

firefighter_82 - ❤️😂😍😍cool


Nickname 3218 - clash of sims

The long wait for the raw materials and articles can really take away the motivation to build your own city. Gamplay is very reminiscent of Clash of Clans and is designed to urge the players to buy Sims money because many buildings can only be built that way. It's a shame actually. So much could have been gotten out of this game.

Would be a dream game but unfortunately it is too extreme on the wallet. Furthermore, storage capacities obtained with the mayor's pass were removed after the end of the game. Is pure fooling of the players and gamers hands off. In the game

Le0nidad - really bad game

😡😡not good

bloioioiio - everything takes waaay too long

im bored as hell just waiting for things in this game .. why the wait times ???

Ffhffgrggbf - Suggestion for improvement

It would be better if the game would always ask if you are sure that you want to buy this and that. Otherwise a great game with a real search factor 👌

xxxxcooooooolxd - Goes so

I downloaded this game four times the problem is my sister plays that she also has everything you can have, but I'm missing three things, that's why after a while I couldn't get to the next level, that's why I only took three stars, anyway I will keep trying

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It's a great game. I like to spend time on it. It is active and can be played with friends. The only thing is that I think you could really earn a little more simoleons. It's exhausting and demotivating. otherwise great game!

They say to do an update and I go to the app store and it doesn't say anything about an update

TobyStitch - Collapse changes too often

Really cool game, played every day for 2 years. Unfortunately I lost interest because too often there were changes after an update. Always new game events, new goods, ... I have now stopped playing. PS, the "Vu .." was really annoying to me and after each update it came more and more into play.

Le jeu est amusing

It's cool

It takes a lot of patience, but it's really well done


The game is very well made but when you unlock a new facility, you often don't have enough money and it takes a long time. The one thing that you could add is edit mode where you can reshape your city entirely !!

Bada71 - Great fun

There is no boredom. Great game even without paying ...

Best game in AppStore

Great game

Rua Fernandes Paulo - Tip top

Trop cool

Super jeux

Nice game

Rosa Kansou - Funny and ludicrous

Great game

Ghhjimmy - Trial version (freemium)

The usual freemium game where you cannot play no longer than 2 hours as then you have to take your credit card if you want to go further in the game ....

Gégé88888 - Sympa mais addictif

Graphisme sympa, assez didactique, attention, peut devenir addictif car les défis sont en temps réel. Beaucoup est fait pour qu'on achète des simflouz ... mais c'est le nerf de la guerre.

nnennwfeönrwöfnöqlref - Give me money

Pay to play bullcrap ...

It's a really great game. Addictive and fun :)

1Vincent2 - Dernière mise à jour: échec

Ça plante avec la dernière mise à jour, impossible de jouer ...

Josephinejmpenit - Great match!

Great match!

Honestly how can you put together such a great original game 🤔🤔? The game is just great! 😎

Nice game ... !!!

Good game

Mapexxdrummer - Blanket Mupp

well done, but expensive

Very good game

Really nice to play

Gettysburg 1981 - Vraiment très addictif

Vraiment très addictif

I really like this game. Lots of fun.

very nice game

Great game giving a lot of headache😜

Very nice game I love it

Jojo lol loooooooooooooooool - Simcity

Very good

ever weed

Royal master - Great game

Great match

Bon jeux, drink le moyen de ce faire de l'argent pourrait etre ameliorer

Mega awesome

Very interesting

Nath2606 - Great game from me 5 stars

Five stars from me

Mathieu Kowolik - Fantastic

Ce jeu est fascinant. Je n'ai jamais joué à un jeu de gestion sur mobile d'un tel level. Il est tous simplement extraordinaire.

LuxFlipper - Very high addiction factor

Great game: D

Really cool

A great game, worth recommending

One of the best I have ever played. Great value for no money.

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