Eat vegetarian chocolate

Why don't vegans eat chocolate?

Conventional chocolates are often unsuitable for vegans

It is common knowledge that chocolate contains sweet whey powder. For this reason, chocolate with this ingredient is expressly unsuitable for vegans. But what about vegetarians? Can you make the chocolate with the Sweet whey or consume the sweet whey powder carefree? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Because the said ingredient is often obtained as a calf's stomach, the so-called rennet. This doesn't make chocolate vegetarian.

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However, there are also brands that are deliberate on microbial rennet to get around this problem in a targeted manner. Nevertheless, this fact clearly shows that not only vegans, but also vegetarians should look very carefully when choosing a chocolate.

Who wants to be sure that the chosen type of chocolate definitely vegetarian is, he can confidently fall back on these brands:

Vegan chocolate - is there such a thing?

Sweet whey plays a decisive role, especially in white, but also in milk chocolate. Any chocolate that contains any form of milk powder is inherently non-vegan. However, there are also conventional chocolates whose recipe dispenses with animal products without you having to search specifically for a vegan chocolate. This is mostly at dark chocolate the case.

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Because this is usually only composed of the following ingredients, take a look at the Nutritional composition the chocolate of your choice is sure to make sense.

  • Cocoa beans
  • Cocoa butter
  • sugar

This example clearly shows that chocolate is not completely banned as part of a vegan diet. Rather, it depends on what kind of chocolate you want to consume. On the other hand, if you as a vegan cannot do without white and milk chocolate, you will see yourself with it two choices faced. For one, you can make an exception for vegetarian chocolate. Then you are no longer 100 percent vegan. Making such an exception is for that Animal welfare but more beneficial than if you completely ignored your vegan diet just because you prefer to eat chocolate with milk powder.

On the other hand, there is another possibility to look specifically for vegan types of chocolate. Since more and more people in Germany are following a vegan diet, there are now a large number of suppliers who have this type of chocolate in their range for you. You will find this chocolate not only in the supermarket around the corner, but also in a well-stocked drugstore, just like in the Health food store, able to buy.

The following brands are available, for example:

Great fudgioBjornstedgoodme
Attila HildmannMindsweetsChocQlate

Vegan chocolate - these are the advantages and disadvantages

Anyone who has no problem with being content with conventional dark chocolate as part of their vegan diet will not have to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to enjoy this vegan pleasure. Unless, however, there is a dark vegan chocolate or a vegan chocolate with special high quality ingredients, such as various superfoods that should be for you, you will end up paying extra.

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This is often due to the fact that vegan chocolates not only do without cow's milk and use plant-based milk instead. Rather, many vegans have adopted a certain ethos, which says that they want to do as much as possible good for the environment and animal world with their diet. Organic and fair trade - this description therefore applies to many vegan chocolates.

Whether with ingredients made from rice, almonds or soy, a vegan chocolate must not contain any clarified butter so that it can be called vegan. But how expensive is vegan chocolate really? Often for such a chocolate in the health food store around the corner double the price required per 100 grams. In the case of conventional chocolate, it is also the case that it is always cheaper to buy in a wide variety of supermarkets. Thus, the savings with vegetarian compared to vegan chocolate are even greater.

In summary: the pros and cons of a vegan chocolate

It is therefore important to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of vegan chocolate.

  • mostly fair traded
  • often available in organic quality
  • no animal has to be used to make the vegan chocolate
  • available in many flavors
  • there is now a large selection of brands
  • Also available as gourmet chocolate with various superfoods or premium ingredients
  • often, but not necessarily, healthier than conventional chocolate that is not vegan
  • Vegan chocolate is easier to digest for some food allergy sufferers
  • often also suitable for baking
  • Chocolate without animal products is not to everyone's taste
  • vegan chocolate is often more expensive than conventional chocolate

Tip: If you would like to switch to vegan chocolate, you might first try dark chocolate, as this is also available inexpensively in normal supermarkets from many regular chocolate brands. If you are looking for a vegan chocolate with ingredients such as rice, almond milk and Co., you will have to do one or two taste tests before you have found your new favorite chocolate. After all, there are sometimes clear differences in taste compared to normal chocolate.

How many calories does vegan chocolate have compared to normal chocolate?

The answer to this question will probably also be of great interest to all vegans with a sweet tooth. As a rule, you can assume that regular and vegan chocolate contain roughly the same number of calories. However, the nutritional composition can be different. Using an example from two types of chocolate from the Ritter Sport brand this can be illustrated well. The type of chocolate “Whole Trade” is a vegetarian chocolate with milk that contains 560 calories per 100 grams.

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The Nutritional composition is as follows:

  • 37 grams of fat
  • 45 grams of carbohydrates
  • 10 grams of protein

The “dark quinoa almond” variety from the same brand, on the other hand, is vegan. It has just as many calories. Only with the Nutritional composition there are slight differences, as a look at the following data reveals for this chocolate: 39 grams of fat, 37 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein.

Note: For your figure, it makes little difference whether you choose a vegan or a vegetarian chocolate.

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Why don't vegans eat chocolate?
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