Which weapon is perfect against burglars

Effective home defense: Securing apartment and house

Do you live in an unsafe area where robberies or break-ins are frequent? Or do you just feel unsafe when it gets dark in the evening and you are home alone? In this case, you can secure your own four walls to defend your belongings. There are several options for effective home defense. Locking systems and alarm systems are among the most common solutions for increasing security. In addition, you can get defense weapons in case of emergency.

First things first:

  • Includes effective home defense protection from burglars and defense
  • Therefore must makes it difficult to penetrate (by locks, alarm systems, etc.)
  • If burglars get into the apartment and threaten you, you have it Right to defend yourselves (Self-defense)

Locking systems: protection against burglars

Home defense begins with Garden gate, both House entrance doors and at the Windows. You can secure all these areas with lock cylinders that have increased burglary protection and have been awarded the VdS certificate, for example.

kwmobile set of 4 door window alarm - 4x acoustic burglar protection with batteries - wireless home security alarm system - siren with 100dB volume
  • PERFECT BURGLAR PROTECTION: The door and window alarm secures your windows and doors against unauthorized opening with a 100dB loud alarm tone against theft and deter burglars.
  • CHILD-EASY INSTALLATION & OPERATION: The alarm transmitter and magnet are provided with an adhesive strip so that they can be conveniently attached to door and window frames without additional material.
  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: Dimensions alarm device: 9 x 3 x 2 cm; Dimensions magnet: 5 x 1 x 1.5 cm; Batteries: 2x 1.5V AAA batteries per alarm device (included); Maximum distance between alarm device and magnet: 10mm; Volume alarm: 100dB
  • HOW IT WORKS: The electronic door alarm works via a magnetic contact between the alarm transmitter and the magnet. As soon as they are more than 10 mm apart (e.g. by opening a window) the alarm sounds.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your structural conditions are sufficient to prevent the window security from being activated unintentionally.

Door security

It is definitely worth investing in the security of your doors. In doing so, you contribute significantly to protection against burglary. Every front door should come with Door locks be provided. The following are suitable for this:

  • Tested security striking plates with wall anchors
  • Security fittings with pulling protection
  • Door cylinder with security card
  • Stable mortise locks

To the mechanical basic protection To grant, it also depends on the professional installation of an additional door lock. For example, a Armored bolt lock or an additional door lock with hinge side locks. In addition, the door construction must be sufficiently stable.

Windows security

Windows should be stable, resilient and unbreakable be. The pane must be properly installed in the window sash and should be secured with high-quality fittings and robust locking devices. The window must be installed in the masonry according to the current rules of technology. Windows that overlap with the frame are considered safe bolted strike plates, via a non-rotating handle Anti-drill protection and about vandal-proof Mushroom cones feature in several corners.

Windows can be opened in different resistance classes classify, which are designated with RC for "Resistance Class". They indicate how resistant the window is to an attempted break-in. The higher the class, the more secure the window is. The RC 2 is usually sufficient for private use.

Alarm systems for house and apartment

In addition to secure doors and windows, alarm systems also help to increase security within your own four walls. An alarm system can either be triggered by a motion detector or only on Send out signalwhen a window breaks.

What types of alarm systems are there?

There are a few fundamental differences with alarm systems, a distinction is made here:

  • Wired alarm systems: Wired alarm systems are the classic. They have been used successfully for decades. The alarm is triggered when there is contact with the cable. This happens, for example, if the burglar wants to gain access through the window or the patio or balcony door. These alarm systems can, however, be put out of action relatively easily by burglars by cutting the cable.
  • Wireless alarm systems: This is why wireless alarm systems are enjoying growing popularity these days. The individual components communicate via radio. Such alarm systems are comparatively safe and easy to install.
  • Alarm systems controllable via pressure waves or telephone: There are also alarm systems that can be activated or deactivated by a telephone. They are automatically forwarded to the security service or the police. Last but not least, there are alarm systems that react to pressure waves. They are very sensitive and recognize the risk of a break-in at an early stage, whereupon they immediately trigger an alarm.
Olympia Protect 9061 Wireless Alarm System Super Set ✓ GSM Smat with App ✓ Wireless ✓ Window & Door | Burglar alarm system with motion detector for house & apartment | Wireless alarm system, house alarm with remote control, expandable alarm system
  • COMPLETE SET: Base station with emergency & hands-free function, as well as GSM telephone unit (dual band), outdoor siren, motion detector, remote control & 4 door / window sensors (expandable to 32 sensors), power adapter, batteries, operating instructions
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: There is no need to lay cables because of the wireless connection | The base station can be attached to the wall | Window contacts can easily be attached with adhesive strips | Simple teaching of the sensors with the base station via plug & play
  • ALARM FUNCTIONS: Loud acoustic alarm via built-in siren and external siren | Alarm notification to mobile phones via an insertable SIM card | Individual 10 sec. Announcement for each sensor | Display of the alarming sensor | Phone. Alarm with automatic announcement function
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Arming the alarm system by remote control | Setting an individual focus time | Easy range to sensors over 2 floors | Hands-free calling from external telephones possible | 10 storable contacts - autom. Dialing on to busy contacts
  • SMART: Use the OLYMPIA ProCom app to operate your alarm system comfortably and smartly while on the go!

Costs for retrofitting an alarm system

The coststhat you have to plan for retrofitting a wireless alarm system are exposed three factors together:

  1. fees for the actual alarm system
  2. Costs for further motion detector and radio contacts
  3. Costs for the Assembly

How many radio contacts you need depends on how big the house or apartment is. In any case, you should monitor all windows and the front door on the ground floor with a radio sensor. For the Basic packages you have to 200 to 400 euros plan on. The more functionality and security you want, the more expensive the alarm system will be. Each additional wireless detector then costs another 30 to 90 euros.

Burglary what to do

If someone tries to break in / there are intruders in the apartment, you should behave like this:

  1. Brings you in security (e.g. to the neighbors)
  2. calls the Police under 110. Describes the situation: name, address, facts, injured person. If you stay on the line, you will get more tips
  3. If you don't have an escape route, go ahead Light and noise. So that these disappear with attention.
  4. Behave yourself defensive and avoids a confrontation and does not try to "catch" the intruder.

Which weapons are suitable for home defense?

If you do not feel safe enough in your home despite having secure windows and doors and an alarm system, you also have the option to Defense weapons for effective home protection to acquire. In the following we will tell you which weapons are possible and what you should pay attention to in this context.

Caution when using weapons!

  • The acquisition, according to age restrictions, possession and correct storage of the weapons for your own four walls are legal and ok.
  • A dispute should always be the last resort. Emergency calls, escape, eviction (noise, light) should be attempted first.
  • If your life, sexual self-determination or belongings are in danger, you have the right to defend yourself (self-defense) - more on this in the FAQ.
  • To defend means by all means. But the mildest means available must always be used - it just depends on proportionality.

Baseball bat, baton and similar striking tools

A baton, a baseball bat or similar striking weapons are among the Cutting weapons. They can be made of rubber, wood or metal. Because of their weight and length, the cutting weapons increase the striking force that you can achieve yourself. This is thanks to the leverage. Such striking weapons can also be used for thrusting.

You should note that cutting weapons still have a certain Level of strength require. You should therefore only use a baton or baseball bat for home defense if you are fit and well trained. By the way: In Germany it is allowed to buy or own a baton. You should keep your hands off blackjack and steel rods, because these weapons are forbidden in this country. Possession alone is punishable.

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  • WOOD OR ALUMINUM - The Heldenwerk aluminum rackets are ideal for softballs, but not for baseballs. If you play with hard balls, the wooden bat is your choice!
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Gas pistol or ram pistols

Both gas pistols and RAM pistols are among the Blank guns. These are replicas of real pistols. The difference lies in the fact that alarm weapons do not fire real projectiles, but rather irritant gas or cartridge ammunition, depending on the pistol.

In addition, alarm weapons can be used with pyrotechnic ammunition to be used. These include bird scarer cartridges or flares. Even the optics should scare a possible attacker and drive him to flee. But also the one fired gas is supposed to stop burglars. However, the use of gas pistols in unventilated rooms is not recommended or optimal, as you will otherwise get something.

In Germany you can use alarm guns on seal of approval detect. It comes from the Physikalische Technische Bundesanstalt and is therefore called the PTB seal. A weapon that does not have such a seal is called a live firearm. Permission is required to conduct one. But since April 1, 2003 you also need one for a blank firing weapon small gun license.

Possession is only permitted from the age of 18. The use, i.e. shooting with the alarm pistol, is only permitted to defend one's own property. Basically, one is suitable Gas pistol or Ram gun for anyone who wants to defend their own property. However, it is advisable to practice handling the weapon in a club in an emergency.

pepper spray

Pepper spray is very popular for self defense. Many women no longer dare to go out in the dark without the spray. Has this means of self-defense many advantagesbecause it can be stowed anywhere, is easy to use and does not cost a lot of money. In addition, it is easy to use and can also be used by laypeople.

  • Pepper spray contains the active ingredient of the chilli plant. With the help of the spray can you can spray the sharp substance directly into the eyes of the attacker, causing them incapable of attack become. It only takes a few seconds after impact for the pepper spray to work. It works just as well against animals as it does against humans. Very few people are immune to pepper spray, so in most cases it has a very good effect.
  • In Germany will Pepper spray as an animal repellent spray sold. Accordingly, the Weapons Act does not apply to it, so everyone can buy it and take it with them. It is only not permitted in the case of public gatherings. Furthermore, it may only be used against animals. Use against people is only permitted in the event of an attack for self-defense.
  • Pepper spray works well for incapacitating a single attacker. If you are with multiple attackers confronted, pepper spray in the mist variant is more suitable. It has a larger effective area and can therefore switch off several people at the same time.

However, its use in closed rooms is only suitable to a limited extent, because you yourself / family get something. And thus just not a good option for use in your own four walls.

Stun gun

Stun guns have at least one 9 volt bracket. When triggered, the device gives a Current pulse and generates a high level of tension. In this way, an attacker is put out of action immediately in the best case scenario. However, it depends effect depends on many factors and is not always effective.

Basically, stun guns are only suitable if there is an intruder close is. This means that if you wake up because you hear noises on the ground floor, you would have to approach the attacker unnoticed in order to even be able to reach him with the stun gun. If the intruder is armed himself, he may be able to forestall you. If the attacker is physically superior to you, you cannot use the shocker and in the worst case the burglar snatches him away from you and uses him against you. Therefore, the use of such a device is generally only recommended if you already have experience in the field of self-defense and you feel really safe in hand-to-hand combat.

Please note: In Germany are only models legalthat with a seal of approval of the physical technical testing institute. The purchase is only allowed if you are older than 18 years. Since April 2008, so-called tasers, which also work at a distance, are no longer permitted in Germany. It is forbidden to buy or own a taser.


Just like stun guns, knives are only partially suitable for defending your property in the event of a break-in. Again it is necessary to be aware of the attacker to approach strongly. In addition, knives are very dangerous and in the worst case scenario you can be fatally injured with them. In addition, that not all knives allowed in Germany are. So-called switch knives, drop knives, hand knives and butterfly knives are generally prohibited.

In addition, you should know that knives with a fixed blade that is longer than twelve centimeters measured from the base of the handle to the tip, not performed in public may be. You can keep them on your own property, but you can only transport them in a locked container as soon as you leave your property. In order to defend yourself with a knife in the event of a break-in, good training is useful. Use for home defense is only recommended if you have the appropriate knowledge of self-defense with a knife.

However, the use of knives often escalates the situation, so we advise against using knives.

Home Defense FAQ

✅ Can you defend yourself against the burglar?

Yes, you can defend yourself within the framework of self-defense:

1) In each case with the mildest and most appropriate means: In some cases words are enough (little boy breaks in), in others it can go to extremes (life in danger).

2) Self-defense means that, for example, your life, your physical integrity, sexual self-determination or your property is in danger.

Conclusion: In court, the cases are assessed individually and the main issue is proportionality.

✅ Can you detain a burglar?

The police advise against attempting to detain intruders. It is better to dial the emergency number.

However, legally it is allowed

If someone is caught in the act or persecuted in the act, if he is suspected of having escaped or if his identity cannot be established immediately, anyone is authorized to arrest him temporarily without a judicial order“According to the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) § 127 Provisional arrest.

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