Can you produce music with software

Producing music: software in comparison

Nowadays, producing good music is no longer just a question of practice, but also of the best software. We have summarized some interesting programs that you should know about for you here.

For beginners: the best free software for making music in comparison

If you want to produce music yourself, you can use free software. As is so often the case, however, you have to expect some limitations with these free tools:

  • "Linux Multimedia Studio": The free program runs with Windows and Linux / Ubuntu and is a MIDI sequencer and composing tool with many instruments and effects. In addition to the feature-rich program, you will find a lively community with forums and tutorials to help get you started.
  • This is important because, at first glance, it offers less ease of use than the competition. But soon you will not only be creating music with the LMMS, you will also be able to rearrange rhythms and sounds using drag-and-drop.
  • "Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2014": The freely available program supports up to 128 MIDI tracks and 24-bit audio at 96 kHz. However, the user interface is a bit confused and you repeatedly come across limits in terms of functionality, such as a maximum of four editing slots for effects.
  • These can be expanded a bit, but that is also complicated. The most annoying thing is that the mixer panel cannot be docked. The keyboard player has 256 presets that you can only edit to a limited extent. One advantage: the program speaks German.
  • "Studio One Free": The demo version of the ProSonus program has some restrictions. There is no VST support; In addition, there is no pitch correction and an MP3 import or export.
  • This limits its usefulness, but the digital audio workstation still has many fans with its clear Windows user interface. This makes it easier for beginners in particular to get started.
  • "MuLab": A small but fine program for producing music with a MIDI sequencer. To unlock all features, you have to buy the full version. It doesn't look quite as chic and intuitive, but it is convincing in the details.
  • You can have an entire music studio on your PC and also use the rhythm module to produce your own beats, which you can automatically adjust in height and tempo.

For the ambitious: The best purchase programs for music production

Of course, there are not only free solutions if you want to produce music yourself. Most of the software you need to buy has a lot more features.

  • "Magix Music Maker Deluxe 2020": You can create your own songs without any prior knowledge! The Berlin company Magix has specialized in multimedia programs and releases updates every year.
  • The “Magix Music Maker 2020” also benefits from this experience with up to 99 tracks for creativity and 3,000 professionally pre-produced sounds and loops. You can test a demo version in advance; the premium version costs around 80 euros.
  • "Ableton Live": The most popular music software among professionals and DJs, which is not only ideal for stationary use. For beginners, however, the program is a bit too complicated and, at over 200 euros, too expensive. Real-time effects let you use the program optimally for live performance - hence the title.
  • "Steinberg Cubase": Another program that is aimed more at professionals and offers you professional sound quality and a complete, virtual recording studio with a high-end mixer.
  • The full version accordingly costs over 500 euros. But if you can afford it, you have the option, at least in theory, of producing one or two hits with it. A basic version is available for testing for around 80 euros.

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