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The 20 Best Bitcoin and Blockchain Stock Tips

The best Bitcoin stocks and blockchain stocks to invest at a glance. With this information you can benefit from the blockchain technology hype on the stock exchange with the so-called hot stocks of crypto shares.

Here you will find an almost complete list of interesting blockchain stocks from companies with Bitcoin business model. Due to the innovative blockchain technology, these Bitcoin stocks have great potential for enormous increases in prices in the future.

Also note the current IPOs of coin startups (ICOs). If you are looking for digital investments, we recommend the providers for innovative investments in the cloud.

Types of blockchain stocks

There are new companies dealing with blockchain technology on the stock exchanges in New York, Frankfurt or Vancouver. And old heavyweights of the technology scene as well as investment companies have opened up for this future. With such crypto shares, you can easily invest in Bitcoins or the blockchain without owning coins. There are the following types of blockchain stocks:

  1. Blockchain technology: These companies integrate the blockchain into business processes. Customers are companies with disruptive technologies. For example startups, banks or insurance companies.
  2. Internet technology: Well-known companies from the Internet or technology scene use Bitcoin for further growth and expand their business models.
  3. Bitcoin mining: These companies invest in data centers for the generation of cryptocurrencies. For this, low electricity costs, intelligent algorithms and fast processors are decisive.
  4. Bitcoin investor: Such companies invest in Bitcoin startups and blockchain companies and act as classic investment companies.
  5. Game changer: A realignment revitalizes old companies because existing resources are transferred to Bitcoin projects. If necessary, this process is accompanied by a new company name (Namechanger).
  6. Blockchain consulting: These companies act as consultants for new trends in the big companies of this world.

Here is the list of the best Bitcoin stocks with blockchain as a business model or additional business area. The order reflects my personal assessment of the potential for future price development.

1) RIOT blockchain

The US company Riot Blockchain Inc. was founded in 2000 as a biotechnology company. This was followed by the strategic realignment towards blockchain in 2017. Since then, a lot of capital has been collected and invested in the purchase of Bitcoin Mining Server, among other things. Overall, RIOT Blockchain sees itself as an investor for startups. For example, investments have already been made in companies such as, and

2) HIVE blockchain

Icelandic HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. went public in September 2017. Initially, the company emerged from a merger with Genesis Mining, one of the best-known cloud mining providers. HIVE Blockchain now has state-of-the-art mining facilities in Iceland, Sweden and Norway. As a digital mining company, HIVE benefits directly from the rise in the price of coins.

3) DigitalX

The Australian company DigitalX Ltd. was founded in 1999 as Verus Investments Ltd. founded. This was followed in 2017 by the realignment in the areas ICO advisory services, blockchain consulting services andblockchain related software development. The company has a Bitcoin fortune and sees itself as a partner for the banking sector. A joint venture with the Australian payment provider was established as early as 2017 StarGroup International signed to jointly develop and sell Bitcoin ATMs.

4) Codebase Ventures

The Canadian codebase Ventures Inc. was founded in October 2017 as 360 Blockchain Inc. founded. Since then, the company has raised capital to invest immediately in blockchain startups and cryptocurrencies. The company now holds shares in the startups (Bitcoin mining and blockchain security) and (combating fake news). She also runs the and projects.

5) Interbit

The Canadian blockchain share Interbit Ltd. offers services based on its own blockchain Interbit. Other popular blockchains will also be integrated. The company is strategically active in the areas Financial services, Energy, Registry and Gaming. Since 2015, the consistent realignment of all businesses towards the blockchain has been pushed.


The Mic AG from Germany is an active financial investor in the fields digitalization and Internet of Things. As early as 2107, the strategy for investments with blockchain was expanded through a capital increase. After that, Chainledger Systems AG was taken over because it focuses exclusively on the spread of the German blockchain Iota.

7) Naga Group

The Naga Group AG from Hamburg designs, develops and markets innovative projects for the financial industry. For example, the company operates the social trading service NAGA Trader, the Bitcoin exchange NAGA Exchange and the digital wallet NAGA Wallet. Furthermore, several new projects related to the blockchain are being developed.

8) Bitcoin Group

Bitcoin Group SE operates, the largest marketplace for cryptocurrencies in Europe. A lucrative business model because the company earns a commission with every transaction on the marketplace.

9) NetCents Technology

The company Net Cents Technology Canada operates a payment platform for customers and dealers. Thus, the processing of electronic payments is offered. The focus is on converting payment transactions from cash to digital currencies. The company also operates its own exchange for cryptocurrencies. The NetCents technology is integrated in the Automated clearing houseand also at FINTRAC registered.

10) Advanced Blockchain

The German Advanced Blockchain AG realigned itself in 2017 (formerly BrainCloud AG). The Berlin startup sees itself as the driver of the next revolution in the blockchain area. With the Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and the Distributed Ledger Technology the new blockchain should become faster and more efficient. There are currently well-known customers, for example and

11) LeoNovus

The LeoNovus Inc. from Canada is a software company for cloud solutions based on blockchain technology. As a result, the company offers software-defined storage solutions for any object in the cloud. In addition, the products Governance, Risk management and Compliance. The algorithms virtualize, transform and distribute data over a network of local, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes.

12) FinLab

The main focus of Finlab AG Germany is the support of startups from the financial sector as an incubator and investor. At the end of 2017, the company acquired a stake in the London startup in order to enter the cryptocurrency market. With Vaultoro you can buy physical gold with Bitcoin and store it in Switzerland. This enables investors to secure deposits outside of the banking system without these physical investments losing liquidity.

13) UMT AG

The German UMT United Mobility Technology AG from Munich is involved in the development and implementation of individual and mobile payment solutions in Europe. The company works with large retail chains, banks and online providers. It used to be a Leipziger Solarpark AG known and was realigned and renamed in 2011.

14) FinTech Group

The German FinTech Group AG sees itself as a “modern smart bank”. The company offers innovative financial technologies and its own banking system. The sales driver is the online broker, the fastest growing trading platform in Europe. The Swedish payment service also belongs to the portfolio. Accordingly, the FinTech Group also offers its technologies to B2B customers. The company wants to achieve further growth above all with legally secure trading of crypto currencies.


NVIDIA Corp. from the United States manufactures graphics processors that are required for Bitcoin mining. Another price driver of this share are the themes Artificial intelligence,Gaming and eSportsbecause you need graphics chips that are just as fast here.

16) AMD

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. from the United States is a global semiconductor company. The company has been manufacturing microprocessors for computers and graphics cards since 1969. The sale of graphics cards for the generation of cryptocurrencies generates large sales.

17) IBM

IBM Corp. from the United States is probably the oldest computer company in the world. IBM began integrating blockchain technology into its corporate strategy as early as 2015. Because the markets of the future are seen in this technology.

18) Inc. is a large international online retailer from the United States. Recently, the company has been concentrating on the development and marketing of financial applications using blockchain technologies, because this way its own needs can be satisfied and further growth is possible.

19) Metaverse Capital

Metaverse Capital Corp. started out in 2018 as a spin-off of Global Gaming Technologies originated. There are currently three joint ventures with mining facilities in Buffalo (USA), Lachute (Canada) and Winnipeg (Canada). There is also its own mine in Maputo (Mozambique). The company has cheap energy contracts, so mining becomes advantageous.

20) BlockchainK2

Bitcoin share BlockchainK2 Corp. out Canada focuses on the areas of cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining. The company was earlier than Africa hydrocarbons known and changed its activities in May 2018 (Namechanger).

The blockchain share evolution at a glance

  • Realignment brings new attention (name changer or game changer).
  • Establishing with a blockchain focus brings growth (startup).
  • Fresh capital enables sustainable investments.
  • Financing rounds lead to rising valuations.
  • Team building and building expertise.
  • Long-term growth is the goal in the blockchain sector.

The best Bitcoin sites on the internet

There are many Bitcoin sites on the Internet, but it is important that the providers are fast and trustworthy. Furthermore, the service should of course also have low fees. We have tested the best Bitcoin sites with our experiences in comparison:

  • - This bitcoin exchange from Tokyo is the largest provider worldwide in terms of trading volume. There are currently 323 verified coins on offer and very low fees. There are also many other innovative blockchain products such as Futures, Staking and Loans. The site is super fast and completely available in German. With your own trading coin (Binance Coin) you can always trade 25% cheaper. A fast smartphone and desktop app is also available.
  • - With this bitcoin miner out Scotland you can generate Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and ZCASH. Furthermore, with the SHA-256 PRO contract, it is possible to mine over 100 altcoins at the same time and fully automatically. If you register now, you will receive the promotion code IQ25EASTER at the order 25% extra Mining capacities.
  • - With this provider for Bitcoin derivatives you can bet on falling and rising Bitcoin prices. Currently, 8 markets are available as Bitcoin futures with up to 100-fold leverage as leverage trading for all contracts. You will receive up to 600 USD as a bonus in Bitcoin after registration. With lots of real-time data and 24/7 live chat.

If you already have experience with stocks, we recommend the list of the best Bitcoin trading bots for automatically trading Bitcoin and the list of the best Bitcoin exchanges for trading coins. Make sure to check out the list of the best coins as a Bitcoin alternative.

Are blockchain stocks or new Bitcoin companies missing here? Then please tell us these crypto stocks in the comments!

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