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The 5 programming languages ​​that will dominate the year 2021

Which programming languages ​​will gain in importance in 2021?

It's a tough question to predict the world's most popular programming languages ​​for years to come. Often, bold predictions about the dominance of a language do not come true. Then there are languages ​​that seem to come out of nowhere to fill a significant niche, often with a little bit of support from a big tech company.

But every now and then, a language's surge in popularity makes it easier to predict its future. However, the way to think about programming languages ​​is not to think about what's new in 2021 compared to 2020 and what language will win, but rather to think about what was valid in 1999, still valid in 2020 and valid in 2030 will stay.

In other words: It's about the long term - and you should structure your IT strategy accordingly.

When you are a developer or make decisions for a team of developers, it is important not to lose sight of the basics of software development. A little focus on the basics helps a lot here, and the basics will still be the same in 2030.

Python is likely to be the most popular programming language for developers in 2021

The increased use of Python in a specialized context has a lot to do with it. Python has proven itself in the development of systems for artificial intelligence. In addition, many modern and secure websites are written in Python, and it is also very often learned in schools. The language is pleasant and quite easy for beginners, so its popularity will only grow.

It takes a lot to erode the use of older, more generalized programming languages, even as newer languages ​​start to attract a lot of buzz. Python is an old favorite and it's not going to go away anytime soon. While established languages ​​like Rust and TypeScript are attracting more and more attention, taking some of the attention away from Python, Python continues to be one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. With its strong association with data science toolkits, Python is being taught in more and more programming bootcamps and is well positioned to be a popular entry-level language for developers in the years to come.

If you are completely new to Python, start your learning journey with a visit to www.python.org for a handy guide for beginners. Microsoft has a "Python for Beginners" video series with dozens of short lessons on Python. There are also a variety of Python tutorials and books that will teach you the intricacies of the programming language as well as development environments.

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JavaScript will continue to be popular in 2021

The maturation of JavaScript as a design and development environment is phenomenal and will accelerate even further in 2021. Regardless of whether you work with JavaScript on the front end, with React, Angular and Vue.js on apps and frameworks, with Electron.js on desktop apps or with Node.js on the backend - JavaScript is the method of choice. You can even develop machine learning with Tensorflow.js.

The worlds of self-service BI and visual analytics will become more and more merging in 2021, with BI and analytics providers offering seamless experiences for expanding their graphic palettes as easy-to-modify native capabilities and deployment and marketplaces for the exchange of extensions across broad communities of practice. The maturation of Vega as a visualization grammar and platform will help standardize and enforce best practices across these communities.

Here, the frameworks of JavaScript are a key component for success. JavaScript is used on almost every website. React is already the most popular JS front-end library and will continue to grow in popularity. In general, developers love building applications in React.

In fact, it seems almost certain that JavaScript will continue to serve as the engine for the web well beyond 2021. Millions of websites will continue to rely on third-party JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

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TypeScript will gain in importance in 2021

TypeScript provides a superset of JavaScript functions and was introduced to extend the usefulness of JavaScript. Due to its type safety functions, TypeScript is easier to maintain than JavaScript and has established itself as the language for scalable front-end applications.

While JavaScript is still the dominant language on the web, TypeScript is on its heels. As new applications are written in TypeScript and more and more legacy JavaScript apps are gradually migrated, TypeScript can be expected to overtake JavaScript in use in the years to come.

Why is TypeScript so popular? With each new version, new features are added that developers find extremely useful.

Whether or not you view TypeScript as a real programming language (technically it's a superset of the extremely popular and established JavaScript, but many programming language rankings treat it as a full-fledged language), it seems ready to move further into the consciousness of the Conquer developers in 2021 and beyond.

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One should keep an eye on Go in 2021

Go is by far the most popular programming language to be learned among professional users. It's no surprise that Go is so popular. It was one of the highest paid programming languages ​​in 2019 and has one of the highest paid hourly rates for freelancers. Developed by Google over a decade ago as a programming language that could incorporate the best bits of other languages ​​(like the run-time efficiency of C ++ and the readability of Python), it has enjoyed an ever-increasing amount of developers using it. It could get even bigger in the coming years.

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Kotlin will establish itself as the universal JVM language in 2021

Kotlin was a routine feature of our panel discussion, and it's clear developers are watching this language closely, especially considering how Google is promoting its use for Android development. Android programming is about Java and Kotlin. So these two JVM languages ​​will be trending.

Kotlin is widely used for native Android app development. While Android apps can be developed using Java 8, Kotlin is now the preferred language for most developers. Kotlin is a JVM based language and supports all Java libraries. The development of backend services with Kotlin will also be trendy.

Google's decision to go with Kotlin really accelerated things. Kotlin is well positioned to gain what was historically centered on Java. Building on the JVM, Kotlin's portability gives the language a great deal of breadth, from mobile via server-side (via frameworks such as Spring) to web frontends (via compiled JavaScript), Kotlin can be used in a variety of environments. Developers love features like zero security, coroutine support, and the mix of procedural and functional programming features.

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Which programming language will prevail in 2021?

When evaluating the languages ​​that could really take off in 2021, there are of course other candidates, including Swift, Java and Rust. Of these three languages, Swift has drawn the most interest, although it is primarily intended for Apple's software ecosystem, which inevitably limits its usefulness in some areas.

If one were to choose the language that will have a real breakthrough in 2021, it is TypeScript. In addition to being very popular, TypeScript is constantly adding new JavaScript functionality. What's more, if JavaScript ever loses market share and attention, TypeScript is there to fill this gap immediately.

Even so, developers shouldn't stop brushing up on their JavaScript skills just because TypeScript is cool. There's a good chance in December 2021 we'll be wondering why TypeScript is no longer established. That's just how it is in the world of programming languages, no matter what year.