How much does your music studio cost

How much does a CD recording in the recording studio cost?

Recording studio costs for advanced users.

For the more experienced musicians or artists among you, we offer the best place to let more of you hear. With us you can not only record and produce songs (with or without a band). We'll also help you write and compose your first hit!

According to your lyrics specifications (e.g. subject, words, reference texts), your song will be developed and written according to professional industry standards - in German or English. You can get the right instrumental version or the beat of your choice from experienced musicians, beat builders and producers to match your lyrics! You can get a completely own song composed and recorded according to your ideas from just € 390.

Costs for CD recordings and production!

Without the right mix and mastering, a sound file doesn't leave our house. Here, too, you can rest assured that your song will lack nothing in terms of professional post-production. For this, additional costs are charged separately in many studios, which can range from 30 € to 100 € and more depending on the quality. This process is included with and.

Recording studio costs.

In addition to the CD cover, the song production can easily be supplemented with vocal coaching, autograph cards, posters and music videos from a single source.

Our package is one of the best inventions to really start your career, because you / you will be given all rights of use for your song!

Rent a music studio with the best value for money!

We heartily produce good music for passionate musicians: you!
With more than 50 locations in Germany, we can be reached quickly and easily from almost every corner in order to be able to offer every musician the best possible recording package. Are you one of them? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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