Is CBD Ol Halal or Haram

Is cannabis oil with CBD (CBD oil) Halal or Haram?

Many people with an Islamic background live in the Netherlands. Because they value what is written in the Koran, they want to adhere to the rules it contains. Some of these regulations are well known, including the rule that Muslims are only allowed to consume halal (clean) foods.

When is CBD Halal?

Of course, CBD is not mentioned verbatim in the Quran. For Muslims, this means that they have to find out for themselves whether there are any references to this in the Koran. To aid this process, we are going to discuss some key facts.

First of all, we can say that CBD is, in principle, halal or legal. However, this does not apply to every form of CBD. CBD oil, which is considered halal, must meet two specific conditions.

Condition 1: The CBD oil must consist entirely of herbal ingredients

This means that the CBD oil must not contain any animal ingredients. These are, for example, animal oils or animal fats. Fortunately, CBD oils use vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, or hemp seed oil. If so, the CBD oil is halal and you can take the CBD oil as a Muslim as well.

Condition 2: It has to be a CBD oil with no psychoactive side effects

Actually, this state speaks for itself. It is not without reason that, as we have already mentioned, alcohol is haram and therefore not allowed. This also applies to CBD oil, in which the user experiences a so-called intoxicating effect. The Prophet Muhammad literally forbade this.

The good news is that CBD alone has no psychoactive effects. The only thing to watch out for is that you choose a CBD oil that does not contain THC either. THC is psychoactive - and therefore intoxicating - and as a Muslim you want to prevent this from happening.

Which CBD Oil?

There are three known forms of CBD oil: CBD Oil Pure, CBD Oil RAW (also known as full-spectrum CBD) and CBD oil based on CBD isolate.

When we summarize the above, we come to the conclusion that you should choose a CBD oil that is made entirely from herbal ingredients and does not contain THC. And these conditions apply to the earlier form of CBD: CBD oil pure.

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