How do you talk about discord

Pope: Talking bad things about others is just as harmful as atomic bombs

During his visit to a Roman parish, Francis preached: "We are specialists in seeing the bad in others, but not in ourselves."

Pope Francis has sharply criticized bad speech about others. Chatter sowed discord, enmity and evil, he said on Sunday evening, according to Kathpress, during a parish visit in the diocese of Rome. "If you talk badly of others, you start a war. It is a step towards war, towards destruction. Destroying someone with words is just like doing that with an atomic bomb."

Language can be just as destructive as an atom bomb, emphasized Francis in his sermon. He called for people to think about how to interact with others during the 40-day fasting period that began on Wednesday.

The beam in your own eye

The Pope is also Bishop of the Diocese of Rome. At the end of his half-day visit to the church "San Crispino da Viterbo" in the Roman suburb of Labaro, he celebrated a mass with the community. In the passage of the day from the Gospel of Luke it says: "How can you say to your brother, Brother, let me pull the splinter out of your eye! While you cannot see the log in your own eye?" (Lk 6, 39-45).

"We are specialists in seeing the bad in others, but not in us," said Francis. Then he bowed to gossip about others that could lead to "wars" in the household, in one's own neighborhood, at work, in school or even in a parish.

Criticizing others is instigated by the devil, said the Pope and also named two antidotes: Prayer - for others and also for oneself, so that one can keep silent. Should that not help, Francis gave a practical tip: "Bite your tongue. Then it swells up so that you cannot speak." The congregation responded to this statement by the Pope with applause and smiles.

Francis had arrived in Labaro on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m. Before mass, he met children and young people from the community as well as parents and their baptized children. He also made time for the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless and volunteers. The Pope also made confessions from some parishioners.