Are thinner people really more intelligent?

An IQ that is too high makes you unattractive to others - according to the study

Which characteristics or which visual appearance we are attracted to, differs not only between the sexes, but often also from person to person. Although tastes are different, there are certain traits that most of us would find extremely attractive. In addition to a pronounced sense of humor, which according to science counts, many find it People with a special intelligence are also incredibly sexy. However, if you trust a new study by the University of Western Australia, then Rather, a particularly high IQ has the opposite effect and ultimately ensures that you care about your fellow human beings significantly less attractive works. You will now find out how the researchers justify their results.

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An IQ that is too high makes you unattractive to others - according to the study

It's not just the visual appearance that should be convincing when looking for a partner for life, too on an intellectual level, you want a special connection and of course that's exactly whycertain demands on the intelligence of his loved one. Most people would think that the more IQ you get, the more attractive you are - but they were far from it. Because like that Researchers Gignac and Callis from the School of Psychology in Australia have now discovered in a study If the IQ tends to be higher, the level of attractiveness drops. To get the result, the test persons, who were both singles and assigned, were asked to sort 13 characteristics for the potential partner according to their personal relevance. It was first noticed that cognitive intelligence was less important than the emotional one, which describes the perception and handling of feelings. Finally, the respondents had to indicate what intelligence their potential partner was likely to have, measured against the average of the population. It came out: 60 percent of the test persons find it unattractive if the latter is more intelligent than 99 percent of the people.

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If you have an intelligence quotient of 140 or more, you appear unattractive

But which IQ is it that makes the difference and makes you lose your attractive charisma? If you orientate yourself on average IQwho at Men 107 amounts to and at Women 105, is it a value of 140, which describes the threshold to a less attractive appearance. Of course, the scientists not only scrutinized the value, but also looked at the reasons that shed light on the results. So not only did they get the answer that there is a fear of not harmonizing with the partner due to an excessively high IQ, but at the same time feared that their social competence will suffer as a resultso that he would be less capable of conflict, empathic or tolerant. For those who are now wondering whether their attractive effect on others also suffers because of their intellect, we have listed elsewhere for them, how you can tell that you are more attractive to those around you than you would think.

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