Why smokers are so ignorant of health

What do non-smokers think of smokers? - reservations about smokers

1. Are smokers stupid and ignorant?

If you ask non-smokers in public what they think of smokers, you will often hear that smokers are stupid. Not knowing what they do to their own body with every cigarette. But which smoker does not know that nicotine consumption has negative effects on the lungs and the cardiovascular system? In short, smoking is bad for your health. As a non-smoker you sometimes ask yourself: Why do you smoke anyway? In today's society, smokers are constantly confronted with it; be it on the cigarette packs themselves with images of smokers' lungs and statements that smoking is fatal. But the media also make it clear to every smoker that as a non-smoker you can lead a longer and healthier life. So one cannot claim that smokers are always stupid and do not know about the consequences of their nicotine consumption. How is it with you? Do your friends also have reservations about smokers?


2. Smokers are irresponsible and inconsiderate

Have you ever been told that you are irresponsible and that you do not worry about the consequences of your smoking for those around you? This includes not only the smell that every cigarette leaves behind, but also the fact that the people around the smokers become passive smokers and thus have a significant impact on their health. Passive smoking inhales the same carcinogenic toxins that a smoker inhales and thus leads to numerous respiratory diseases in addition to cancer. According to the German Cancer Research Center, almost 3,000 non-smokers die every year in Germany as a result of passive smoking.


That's what the smoker thinks

That is what the non-smoker thinks

"Of course, smoking is not the healthiest, but it's just an addiction and everyone dies of something.""Why do you still smoke? Smoking is super unhealthy. Lung cancer, smoker's leg, heart attack ... You will in all probability get all of this much sooner than a non-smoker. "
“Whether I smoke or not is my business. I don't just blow my smoke in people's faces. "“Some smokers are so inconsiderate. I'm sitting here in the beer garden and just want to enjoy my meal. But the smoker at the next table doesn't seem to care. Simply unsavory. "
“I spend my money on cigarettes, so what? I buy relaxation, stress management and joy through it. It's worth it for me. ""1500 € a year ??? Think about what you could do with it? A luxurious summer vacation? A massage every week? I can think of so many things that are worth the money more than cigarettes. "


3. Smoking leaves its mark everywhere

Have you ever noticed that you can't get rid of the smell of smoking? Your smoking clothes will absorb the smell. And your skin smells like cigarettes too. Fingernails and teeth turn yellow. The consequences of smoking can even be discovered in the home. For example, curtains and white walls turn yellow. Smoking in the apartment is simply not possible for many non-smokers. Everything just smells like smoke. This is an imposition for every non-smoker! You can change it!

How badly non-smokers think of smokers is obvious

4. Does smoking really make you cool?

Stand casually in a circle with the others and light a cigarette. The feeling of belonging and being accepted is spreading. Many smokers think their smoking makes them cool and gives them recognition among friends. But does smoking really make you cool? Can you achieve group prestige just by smoking? Don't your friends appreciate you because of your character traits and your nature? You are more than that!

5. Smokers are wasting their money

Anyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day spends more than € 1,500 on cigarettes a year. It is inconceivable for non-smokers to spend so much money on such a senseless and at the same time unhealthy occupation. Have you ever imagined what other things you could do or buy with such an amount of money?


6. Smokers are bad role models

Children look up to their parents and those around them from an early age. They learn from them and imitate their behaviors. Everything that is shown to them seems to be right for the children. Unfortunately, so many children live in smoking apartments. In doing so, children should actually learn that smoking is unhealthy and brings many health risk factors with it. Do you want to continue smoking and thus be a bad role model for the children? Or would you prefer to set a good example and show that smoking is not part of you and your life? Be a role model for our future generations!

From smoker to non-smoker!

Become a role model by giving up smoking


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch sides and quit smoking? How about to show the non-smokers in this world that smokers are not stupid and irresponsible and thus to refute prejudices against smokers? By stopping smoking, show them that the health and well-being of your surroundings are important to you and that you know that your and their health is much better with it! What a great success it would be for you to go smoke free and win the fight against cigarettes and smoking!


Accept professional help

Do you want to take the step to become a non-smoker, but need support? We're here for you! With us, with the non-smoking heroes, you will find everything you need! We accompany you on your way, give you advice and are always at your side with our program, even in difficult phases! In addition to our coaching videos, you can, for example, exchange ideas with like-minded people in our community and find out how they managed to become smoke-free. Show your family and friends that you care about their health and become a non-smoker!