Does Apple really value privacy?

Apple gives developers more explanations about the privacy label

Peter Müller

Some haven't noticed it yet, others try to sit it out and still others don't understand. Apple is now providing further assistance for creating data protection labels in the App Store.

EnlargePrivacy label, now everywhere in the App Store

Since December there has been a data protection label in the App Store, on which developers have to state which data their apps use for which purposes. We have summarized in detail what you can read from it and which apps have become conspicuous.

Some developers are apparently still reluctant to disclose it - mostly for reasons we may not even want to know - for others, filling out the form may be too complicated so that they prefer not to update their apps for the time being.

Apple is now assisting the latter group of developers with further explanations that explain in more detail which information is required. The first group therefore has fewer excuses.

There has apparently been confusion about what information app developers have to provide regarding the collection of data - numerous false labels were the result. The Washington Post estimates the rate of bad labels at around 50 percent. According to Apple's guidelines, providers of apps that offer a web view, for example, have to provide precise information about the data that arises, unless they allow their users to access the open Internet. Anyone who collects IP addresses in order to obtain location information from them must also mention this. Apple clarifies:

"Gathering" refers to transferring data from the device and storing that data in readable form for a longer period of time than the time it takes you and / or your third party partners to service the request. If z. For example, if an authentication token or IP address is sent on a server call and is not retained, or if data is sent to your servers and then discarded immediately after the request is served, you do not need to disclose this in your responses in App Store Connect .