What is the best psychology course available online

Basics of psychology

From Julia Schröder

Prepare for the Physikum with the basics of psychology

Medical students who are preparing for the Physikum will find optimal support in this course. The course is strictly based on the requirements of the subject catalog of the IMPP and is intended to prepare for the exam in a very targeted manner.

The course includes basic knowledge on the following topics: psychobiology, learning, cognition, emotion, motivation and personality.
You will be presented with the underlying theories and the most important models, and with a strong focus on the exam-relevant content, you will be given basic knowledge on the subject areas mentioned:

  • Which areas of the brain are associated with which psychological processes
  • how one can actually measure intelligence
  • which psychological disorders are related to emotions (anxiety, depression, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • With which five characteristics one can adequately describe the personality of a person

With lecturer Julia Wyrwich, scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation and psychologist in a specialist clinic for eating disorders, you will develop an understanding of various research areas in psychology and get an impression of the complexity of the subject areas of psychology.

Learn which components belong to a healthy psyche (including learning processes, thoughts, memories, intelligence, emotions, motivation, personality traits).