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Which console is right for you!

By Steven Plöger | May 09, 2018, 11:22 am

The console market is large and highly competitive. But which consoles and games should I buy? TECHBOOK shows which model is worthwhile for whom.

Gambling with children

If you want to give children a game console, you should take a look at the devices from Nintendo. Why? Because Nintendo brings together non-violent, child-friendly worlds with intelligent and fun game mechanics, as shown by top titles such as "Super Mario Odyssey" or "Splatoon 2".

Last year Nintendo released its flagship Switch: a tablet-like console that the gamer can take anywhere - a Game Boy in 2017, so to speak. The highlight: If you plug the tablet into a station connected to the TV, you can Keep playing your favorite game on the big screen. You can see exactly what this looks like in the video below.

The selection of games is of course not as large as with the competing consoles, which have been around for a few years - but the quality is definitely of high quality. The crux of the matter is the price: The Switch is currently not a bargain at just under 300 euros, with a second controller (overpriced 70 euros) and a game (around 50 euros) the package quickly adds up to over 400 euros.

Conclusion Nintendo Switch: Great console with a bright future, as the good sales figures show - ideal for non-violent games that are still demanding. The crux of the matter: the high price.

The exclusive top games for the Nintendo Switch: "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", "Super Mario Odyssey", "Splatoon 2", "Xenoblade Chronicles 2", "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe", "Pokémon Let's Go", "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

Nintendo's second console is cheaper: the Nintendo 3DS. This is also a portable device for on the go, but you cannot connect it to the TV. The 3DS has two screens, the lower one is a touch screen, on which you can draw with a pen, for example. The upper display creates a 3D effect that works without 3D glasses. Nice - but no more than an optical gimmick. Our tip: The Nintendo New 2DS XL dispenses with the 3D effect in favor of a lower price, but can still play almost all games and costs only 140 euros. The selection of games has grown enormously over the years (the 3DS has been around since 2011), but Nintendo is slowly discontinuing support and the very large in-house developments will probably no longer exist in the future.

Conclusion Nintendo 3DS: Better to use the cheap 2DS version. Fair price, lots of games - but the console's lifecycle is coming to an end. However, if you don't have a 3DS yet, there is a large selection of top-class games to catch up on.

The exclusive top games for Nintendo 3DS: "Mario Kart 7", "Super Mario 3D Land", "Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon", "Metroid: Samus Returns", "Zelda: A Link between Worlds", "New Super Mario Bros.",

The casual gamer

Those who don't gamble every day and don't want to join in every gaming hype are best served with the current slim and S devices from Sony and Microsoft.

The PlayStation 4 is the undisputed market leader among consoles here in Germany, which is due to the huge selection of games, an attractive offer for online gamers and the ever-decreasing price: the console is currently available in the slim version with 500 gigabytes of memory (should be enough for the casual gamer) and a game around 300 euros. A second controller costs around 50 euros. Technically, the 2013 console is not up to date with the latest gaming PCs, but it still delivers a remarkable performance in many games.

Conclusion PlayStation 4 Slim: Our buying tip! The PlayStation 4 Slim scores with a huge selection of exclusive games for all genres, has an established and stable online service for games with other players and is moderately priced.

The exclusive top games for the PlayStation 4 Slim: "Horizon: Zero Dawn", "Uncharted 4", "Bloodborne", "The Last of Us Remastered", "Persona 5", "God of War", "Detroit: Become Human", "Spider-Man", "Gran Turismo Sport "

The second big player in the race for the gamer's favor is Microsoft with the Xbox One, which is available in the S version for around 200 euros (with 500 gigabytes of memory). A controller costs around 40 euros, a game around 50 euros. Technically it is comparable to the PlayStation 4 Slim, graphically you can rarely see real differences in the games. In contrast to its Sony counterpart, the Xbox One S has an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. That means: Ultra HD Blu-rays with films in four times the HD resolution (4K) are supported. Why the PlayStation 4 Slim is still the better console is primarily due to the games: Although there are big hits like “FIFA 19”, “Red Dead Redemption II” or “Battlefield V” for Microsoft's console, too Exclusive titles is much smaller than the PlayStation 4.

Conclusion Xbox One S: Technically top, playful compared to the PlayStation 4 but poor. Beginners should reach for the PlayStation, it simply offers the larger overall package for the money.

The top games for the Xbox One S: "Quantum Break", "Forza Horizon 4", "Gears of War 4", "Halo 5: Guardians", "Playerunknown’s Battleground", "Sea of ​​Thieves", "Ori and the Blind Forrest", "Cuphead"

The Nintendo Switch (see above) should not be completely disregarded as the start console. Because: In addition to games from the Mario universe, the Switch also offers titles for older gamers - such as the versions of “Skyrim”, “Doom”, “L.A. Noire ”or more complex role-playing games like“ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ”.

The hardcore gamer

Gamers who only want the sharpest pictures, the most frames and the best graphics can choose between two technically enhanced consoles: the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One X prides itself on being the most powerful console of all time - which is also true on the technical side. If you have a 4K television in your living room, you get your games in super sharp resolution and a high frame rate that ensures smooth images. In addition, the Xbox One X is equipped for virtual reality glasses (which are not yet available for the Xbox) to display games in a complete 3D environment with an all-round view and has a large hard drive (1 terabyte or 1000 gigabytes). The great technology has its price, of course: the console alone costs 400 euros, with a second controller and game you can quickly get to just under 500 euros.

Incidentally, the Xbox One X does not have its own games, it plays all Xbox One games that are already available. Many of them are gradually getting updates in order to be able to use the 4K capabilities of the Xbox One X - currently there are already around 200 games.

Conclusion Xbox One X: If you want to squeeze the last bit of game graphics out of the games and have a 4K TV at home, the Xbox One X is very good at least on the technical side. Everyone else can confidently use the cheaper Xbox One S or the PlayStation 4 Slim. The manageable range of real hit titles is also the big catch on the Xbox One X.

The PlayStation 4 Pro appeared as early as 2016, which is also aimed at constant gamers: Sony's console can also display content in 4K, but not in “real” 4K like the Xbox One X, but only with upscaled images. The same applies here: There are no games specially produced for the PlayStation 4 Pro, but some PlayStation 4 games are specially adapted to the capabilities of the console. If you have the virtual reality glasses PlayStation VR, you will also get smoother and sharper images with the Pro version.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at just under 400 euros, with a game and a second controller at around 500 euros.

Also interesting: PS Plus subscribers can now get these games for free

Conclusion PlayStation 4 Pro: If you don't have a 4K TV at home, double the price compared to the PlayStation 4 Slim is not worth it. Technically, the Sony console is inferior to the Xbox One X, which in the end only professional gamers will notice in detail. Overall, the same applies here as with the Xbox One X: Most gamers will also be happy with the cheaper model.


The big hype about retro consoles

The retro consoles that are currently so popular are more for lovers than for hardcore gamers: Nintendo, for example, has re-released its ancient devices NES and Super Nintendo in small new editions with pre-installed games in recent years. The devices sold incredibly well and were temporarily out of stock everywhere. This attracted imitators: There is now a C64 Mini, Sega and Atari also want to jump on the bandwagon. Sony's PlayStation Classic with 20 preinstalled games will be available in December. Our test video for the C64 Mini shows that the consoles often only appeal to nostalgic people:

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